Wildlife & Pest Control Company Advertising - Online Marketing

About Our Pest Marketing Team & What We Have To Offer
We are a team comprised of a professional programmer and an SEO specialist & writer. The founder of our business also owns and operates a wildlife control company, so we are not just a bunch of marketers sitting behind a computer screen all day - we actually understand the wildlife business which enables us to provide a more unique and customized advertising service.

Our team would be happy to assist you in getting more wildlife control work for your company. To generate leads, we will create local profiles for your company on our 3 wildlife control directories, which include http://batremovalpro.com - http://pestwildliferemoval.com - and also the one you are currently on, http://pro-animal-control.com. Listings we make in our directories will be optimized to appear in organic results on search engines like Google.com & Bing.com. Every listing we make is tailored to match the company.

We also offer to make personal websites for pest control companies - read more under "Additional Services."

For A Directory Listing Or Website Creation Inquiry, Contact Our Marketing Team:
During the process of creating a new company profile we will produce specific information that most relates to the given companies ideals & most common services they offer. This will make the listings stand out, unlike those mediocre looking profiles on similar websites, where the writing is just copy & paste / duplicated on all the different listings. We'd rather share relevant information.

After business has been discussed, we move on to the startup where we go through a series of questions with the company owner. The questions will be relating to what kind of info the owner prefers on his/her listings, what they consider their "best calls," and various other things to create the custom pages. We are diligently focused on creating the listing profiles to generate high-quality leads.

About The Cost Of Advertising With Our Directories
We charge a per-page fee to create new company listings, with each page being optimized for 1 major service area. Each page is $20/Each to produce, with a minimum startup cost of $100 to produce 5 pages. This applies to any new company that signs up.

After the new pages are completed, the following 6 months is free. This is because new pages can take time to rise in the organic listings on Google & other search engines. Once the 6 month period has come to an end, we will begin charging the client $10 per-call, and we do not charge for repeat-calls. Some people prefer a different type of payment system, which can be discussed between the client and our representative, as we pride ourselves on being flexible enough to where we are able to best accommodate the needs of our clients.

Additional Services - Custom Made & Personal Websites

Our team can also create an individual website for wildlife & pest control business owners. What we do is charge the client to create the new site, and afterward there will be no continuation costs whatsoever, the company owner will essentially own their personal company website. The service involves a 1-time fee for making the site & doing SEO, which will lead to the website being placed on page 1 of the search results. Since this is such a customized service with offering both website production & SEO, it's not a cheap thing thing for us to do - quality is never cheap. Nothing is too complicated for us, as far as design goes, so let's talk about making your dream-site!

The personal company website will be designed to look exactly how the client wants it to, which we are able to successfully execute since every single website we make are all produced using custom PHP & HTML coding methods. The price range for this service will vary depending on what exactly the company owner wants done. Contact us today for more details of this service.

About Our Acquisition Of BatRemovalPro.com
Some of you may recognize BatRemovalPro.com from when it was originally created & owned by Robb Russell. Robb was a known marketing figure in the wildlife industry for many years. Sadly, Robb passed away back in December of 2013. The founder of our business managed to coordinate with Robb's family to take over the website, since it seemed nobody was continuing the service. The deal has proven to be a huge asset for us, because the website domain now has a lot of age & authority on the internet. Another move we made with BatRemovalPro was completely revamping & re-organizing the website, so it could have a more professional look and feel. We have gotten the site to where it is ranking very well for different areas. The site is mainly focused on getting bat removal leads.