Hello, my name is Luke and I have created this website to better serve people who are seeking to hire a professional animal removal company. I know just about every wildlife operator in the country, and can recommend local businesses that can get any job done including animal trapping services, attic restoration / attic cleanup, wildlife droppings removal, animal proofing, & other miscellaneous services. If you cannot find a company in my directory, email me and I will personally recommend one in your area. I guarantee quality operators for all my referrals who are also state licensed & insured.

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Throughout a persons lifetime we are all susceptible to experiencing a nuisance wildlife issue in our homes somewhere down the line. These wildlife creatures have no regard for how nice your home is or the amounts of damage they cause, just as long as the attic is nice, warm, cozy, and peaceful in order to stay warm or perhaps give birth to offspring. Whatever the situation, most people require services from a wildlife professional when they have a nuisance animal infestation. That is where my website becomes useful to a lot of people because I provide information of the different species and also give them access to contact a local wildlife control company directly through my listings and recommendations in different areas throughout the USA. Wildlife removal is not for amateurs, and the issues should be addressed quickly by a wildlife control company to avoid further damage on the property. If you would like more information on your pest animal situation feel free to navigate through my nuisance species pages.

I grew up in the state of Maine and my father owned a pest control business during my years of growing up. I accompanied him on many jobs. This sparked my interest in the wildlife control industry and I eventually wanted to own my personal wildlife control business. My dream came true and I love my career of choice. Sitting in an office all day doing paperwork was not for me. I wanted to get out in the field and do something that could help people while at the same time I could enjoy my profession. Customers of an animal removal business are always looking for the first person to come out, because wildlife issues are always stressful for people and they want the problem taken care of right away. Professionalism and customer service are very important aspects of running a wildlife control business. The companies / businesses listed on this directory are all prompt & experts in the wildlife removal field, I would not list them on this website otherwise. Thank you for reading and if you need further assistance or have questions regarding your wildlife problem, feel free to email me. If you are a wildlife control business seeking advertising for your area, you can also email me at External link opens in new tab or window[email protected]. Fees apply for companies wanting nuisance animal advertising. Contact me for details.

Thank You - Luke