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Attic Remediation Wildlife Droppings Removal Due To Nuisance Wildlife Damage

Hello, my name is Luke and I have created this page to better educate the general public about attic restoration. I can also personally recommend a quality attic cleanup company in your area. Attic remediation is a common service offered by wildlife removal businesses. Attic remediation sometimes becomes necessary when there has been an animal infestation in the attic area. Prolonged infestations often leave large amounts of waste and urine in the attic and the only way to rid the fierce odor is to remediate all the damaged insulation, sanitize the attic, and place new insulation down.

Call the animal removal company listed in your area for attic restoration. If your area is not listed in my directory, email me and I will recommend a company. Attic remediation sometimes goes hand-in-hand with wildlife problems because of the damage they can cause to your attic. It is nice to have a company that can deal with all problems associated with nuisance wildlife instead of having to hire separate companies for different services.

To Be Personally Referred To A Company For Attic Restoration In The USA, Email Luke at

Insulation Vacuum

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Vacuum Bags

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Bat Waste In Attic

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Cost Of Attic Remediation / Attic Clean Up Services

The cost for an attic remediation will depend on how large the attic area is, how much insulation needs removed, and how much waste / fecal matter there needs to be removed. The cost is generally calculated through square footage. On average to remove all insulation, sanitize, & replace the insulation, it can cost between $4.00-$6.00 a square foot for full restoration. If there is only a single spot where nuisance animals have created a bathroom area, clean up of the single space may cost between $250-$500.

Wildlife animals frequently break into homeowners attics and cause a significant amount of damage. Raccoons cause the most damage, while bats usually dispel the most waste in attics, depending on the size of bat colony. The process of attic clean up consists of removing all damaged & soiled insulation, sanitizing the entire attic to rid nuisance wildlife odor, and then placing down new insulation. Blown-in insulation provides the most coverage in an attic and can save you money on your heating and cooling costs.

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Raccoon Feces

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Bird Nesting

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Bat Guano

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Reasons To Have Your Attic Remediated When Nuisance Animals Make A Mess

There are many sicknesses that humans can contract from nuisance wildlife droppings. If there has been a prolonged infestation of raccoons, bats, birds, mice, or any other wildlife, it is a good chance your attic needs to be restored. After the fecal matter of these nuisance animals sits in your attic over an extended period of time, it can start to develop spores of bacteria. Wildlife scent left in the attic will also attract more nuisance animals in the future.

Usually 1-3 weeks of infestation can require the attic to be restored due to damages and wildlife scent. The offending nuisance wildlife animals should be trapped or excluded before attic clean up takes place. If you ever decide to inspect your own attic for wildlife droppings, make sure to get a quality respirator to avoid berating in any harmful material. If you are a homeowner with attic restoration questions, feel free to email me about your problems.

Bat Feces In Church Attic

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Bats Roosting

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Single Bat

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Insurance Coverage On Attic Clean Up Due To Wildlife Waste / Droppings

Sometimes a homeowners insurance policy can cover the remediation of insulation when you have had a nuisance wildlife infestation. This depends on the insurance company and the type of policy you have purchased through them. Some insurance companies will say no coverage for urine / feces related damage. Nuisance animals will also burrow through insulation and make tunnels throughout the attic space.

Animals in an attic commonly mat down the insulation and cause damage to the insulation itself by changing R-Value in the contaminated insulation. This is something that can be mentioned when the insurance company says they do not cover urine or droppings from nuisance wildlife animals. Contact me to have a wildlife professional provide attic restoration services. Decontamination of the attic using bacteria killing remedies is key to eliminate wildlife scent from your attic.

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