Cost Of Bat Removal From The Attic – Bat Exclusion Cost

This website is for informational purposes and also functions as a wildlife removal directory. In the Directory, click your state, followed by your city to find a bat removal company in your area to get pricing from. Every company may charge different rates for bat removal from the attic. Below I give average costs a company may charge.

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Bat Removal Cost page: Photo of a Little Brown Bat on a porch.
Bat Removal Cost page: Photo of a Little Brown Bat on a brick wall.
Bat Removal Cost page: Photo of a Little Brown Bat on an attic wall.

Average Cost For Bat Colony Removal, Per Size Of Building – Costs May Vary

1 Story Building

well constructed – $500-$800

poor construction – $800-$1300

2 Story Building

well constructed – $1300-$1800

poor construction – $1800-$2400

3 Story Building

well constructed – $2400-$3100

poor construction – $3100-$3900

Cost Of Bat Colony Removal From Attic – Factors That Go Into Cost & Successful Bat Exclusion

When bats invade the attic area of a home they can cause a multitude of damage. The only way to solve the bat problem is to hire a company to perform the bat exclusion, or thoroughly educate yourself on bat removal tactics and evict them yourself. Taking the route of hiring a bat control business is undoubtably the most effective and safe way, but at times it can get expensive. Expect a minimum of $500-$1200 to hire a bat removal company to exclude the nuisance bats from your home. I have a wildlife business myself, and I can tell you that bat jobs can vary in price dramatically. I have done jobs for several hundred, and others for several thousand… When a wildlife company gives an estimate for bat removal, it is usually given to clients once the bat inspection is completed. Most bat removal companies cannot give estimates over the phone or by email because cost of the job is calculated based on 3 main factors which must be looked at. 1. How many secondary openings are on the structure. 2. Size of the maternity bat colony. 3. How large the structure is, and the angles that need to be maneuvered around on the roofline. With maternity bat colonies you cannot take the easy path of just sealing up their main entrance. The bats need to be live-excluded, and the building needs to be meticulously looked over for secondary gaps. Never just seal up the hole you think bats are coming in, they will almost always find their way inside living quarters when that ridiculous method is used. Definitely educate yourself before you try to do it yourself.

Some Important Tips To Consider Before Hiring A Bat Removal Professional

  1. Never hire a pest control or wildlife company who claims to use lethal methods to kill a bat colony. It is a federal offense.
  2. Check that the bat removal company is licensed through your state department of natural resources.
  3. Make sure the bat removal company backs up their work with a warranty. Bats are very good at getting back inside after the first attempt.
  4. Hire a business who can take care of every aspect of the bat job. Attic clean up is an essential step to get your home healthy again.
  5. Do some research online about bats and ask the business owner questions to make sure they know what they’re talking about.*