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Bat Removal – Info On Bats In The Attic And Chimney, and Bat Facts

Bat removal is performed by placing one-way exclusion vales over the bats main entry / exit points. After that, the entire structure must be properly sealed to ensure the bats cannot find another way back inside the attic area. Bats have the ability to find construction gaps by utilizing their sonar hearing to hear the drafts coming from the exposed gaps in the roofline.

Bat exclusion is a highly specialized area in the wildlife removal industry, and these jobs are not easy. The operator should have experience, background reputation, and professionalism. The house must be completely sealed to keep the bats out, and this is not always a cheap process. Bat exclusion jobs are more construction-based services, unlike trapping other nuisance animals.

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Bat Removal page: Photo of a Little Brown Bat on a porch.
Bat Removal page: Photo of a Little Brown Bat on a brick wall.
Bat Removal page: Photo of a Little Brown Bat on an attic wall.

Signs Of A Bat Colony In The Attic & Nuisance Bat Behavior

Typically the first signs of a bat infestation in the attic is finding a single bat inside living quarters of a home. When wether patters change it can drive the bats down from the attic to a place warmer / cooler, and this often lands the bats in the living room or kitchen of your home. If you have had a bat, or many bats enter the living quarters of your home you should contact a wildlife removal business to inspect the attic area for a present bat colony.

Other signs of a bat colony inhabiting the attic area is noticing bat droppings on the outside portion of your home. The main entry / exit areas the bats utilize will often have bat guano collecting below that area. Depending on how much guano is present, it is likely that area is the spot the bats are using in order to access the attic. Once the bat removal expert see’s this, he / she should be able to tell you what the key steps are for performing the bat removal job.

Most bat control services come with a warranty when extensive sealant work is done on the outside of a home. Bat removal is not an easy job, and not very safe either. The estimate for performing the bat removal service will depend on how high the structure is, how many bats are present, and how many areas need addressed for sealing work. Contact a wildlife removal specialist today for all your bat removal needs.

Bat Removal page: Photo of a bat colony in an attic
Bat Removal page: Photo of bat guano in an attic.
Bat Removal page: Photo of bat guano contaminating attic insulation.

Cost Of A Professional Bat Exclusion – Price For Bat Removal

The cost for removing nuisance bats will depend on the area(s) the bats are present, how much sealant work that needs done, how difficult certain areas are to access, how many bats there are, and also the size of the structure that needs bat exclusion services. If the bats are infesting a single area such as a chimney, the cost usually ranges between $400-$1000. If bats are infesting an entire attic it is a different story.

When bats are in the attic a full-home exclusion must be performed. This involves excluding the bats from the main entry / exit areas, and sealing all construction gaps around the home to ensure bats cannot regain access. This process generally comes with a warranty, but ask the wildlife removal company you hire for details on the warranty services.

For a small, single story home prices range between $800-$2000. For medium sized 2 story homes prices range between $1500-$3500. For large 3-4 story commercial buildings a bat exclusion may cost as much as $6,000-$10,000. On average a homeowner can expect to pay a minimum of $1200 for a professional bat exclusion from the attic.

You can compare rates between companies, just make sure they know what they are doing. Just because a wildlife control business gives you a low-ball bat removal rate does not mean they know the in’s and out’s of bat exclusion. The company you hire should have experience, training, and a reputable history of bat removal services. Cheap does not always mean professional.

How To Catch A Nuisance Bat In The House & When To Consider Rabies Testing.

First thing is first, if you have a bat inside your house, stay calm! Find a 24/7 wildlife removal company to catch the bat if it happens to be late at night, which in this situation it usually is! Bats are protected animals, but when it comes to a bat flying around in living quarters, you have every right to kill that bat to protect yourself and your family.

Many people will use tennis racquets to swipe at the bat. In my business, I always waited for the bat to land. That way I could approach the bat and capture it on a sticky pad connected to a long pole. Bats are freaky to have in your house. They will fly all over the place, and are easy to lose track of.

If your determined to catch the loose bat yourself, take some safety precautions. Wear a long sleeve shirt, a jacket, gloves, long pants, a hat, goggles, face mask, and any other clothing to cover your body in case you come into contact with the bat! Sometimes the easiest way to get rid of a bat is to open all doors and windows with the hope the bat will fly out. But this does not always work unfortunately.

If you have a net that would be the best thing for an amateur to use. Also maybe a tennis racquet. If you have any stick pads (the ones they use to catch mice and bugs) you can connect it to a pole of some sort and stick the bat with it.

If it is suspected ANYONE came into contact with a nuisance bat, they should have rabies shots. Once a person is infected with rabies and lets the virus incubate for 2-3 weeks untreated, there is a fatality rate of 100%. There are also many other diseases that bats can carry, just be cautious not to come into direct contact with the bat in any way. If you have problems with bats getting inside your house (especially if it happens more than once) you have a high risk of having nuisance wildlife bats in your house, usually up in the attic.

Schedule an appointment with a nuisance wildlife control business to inspect your home for signs of a bat colony. Bat exclusion from the attic should not be attempted by an amateur in any circumstance. Any pets that come into contact with the bat which have their pre-exposure rabies shots are safe.

Bat Removal From The Attic – Getting Bats Out Is One Thing, Keeping Bats Out Is Another!

Bat removal from the attic is a process in which the wildlife removal professional must do a proper inspection of both the attic area and the exterior of the home. Bats commonly leave behind droppings around the main entry / exit areas. Grease stains from the nuisance bats may also be present and these are the main signs the animal removal expert will look for around the home.

Once the main entry points are identified, the bat removal technician will install one-way exclusion valves to allow the bats to fly out unharmed, and when they come back they are unable to regain entry around those areas. Once the bats realize they cannot get back into the original entry points, they will fly around the rest of the home in search of another travel route back into the attic. All other exposed construction gaps need to be properly sealed with hardware cloth to keep the bats out of the home.

Be weary of companies who promise long-term warranties. Homes are constantly shifting and construction gaps will become exposed over a long period of time, no matter how well the home was initially sealed on the first bat exclusion attempt. Bats can practically infest any home of their choosing because no matter how well the home / roof was constructed, there will likely be an opening somewhere that bats may be able to access.

Bat removal from the attic is a speciality within the wildlife removal industry. Many wildlife control companies do not even attempt bat exclusions because problems can arise even after the work is done. Call the animal removal company listed in your area to inquire and learn more about their services.

Bat Removal From The Chimney – Remove Nuisance Bats For Good

Bats will also infest chimney areas in search of shelter. Bat exclusions from the chimney is a common service wildlife removal professionals offer to residential homeowners. Bat removal from the chimney area is often cheaper because full- home sealant work is usually not necessary.

Bat exclusion jobs from the chimney is done by installing one-way exclusion valves over the bats main entrance. The sides of the infested chimney typically need sealed up. Bat removal jobs from the chimney can sometimes be complicated due to bats ability to find a separate route into the dwelling. Removing bats from the chimney should only be attempted by an experienced bat control professional. It is illegal to kill bats infesting your home.

Bats can also fly down the chimney and into your house / living quarters. This may be caused by an open chimney flue or possibly small openings around a chimney cap. Keep in mind that once the bats are excluded from the chimney area, they might simply decide to infest the attic of your home instead.

To prevent this a full-home exclusion can be done for preventative purposes. This will be more expensive than a regular bat removal job from the chimney area, but it will protect you from the bats attempting to access your attic, and preventative sealant also excludes other nuisance creatures like mice, birds, and snakes from accessing your attic. There is value in full-home bat exclusion because it is a long-term solution.

Bat Guano Remediation From The Attic – Bat Droppings Clean Up & Attic Restoration Services

Bats will leave behind their droppings in the attic after the exclusion process is taken care of. Removing the bat feces is important because over time the bat waste can develop harmful spores of bacteria & fungus and can be detrimentally harmful to human health if inhaled.

Most bat control companies can help you with remediating the bat waste and damaged insulation. Prices for bat waste removal can range between $4-$6 per square foot on a full attic remediation To clean up a single pile of bat guano, or spot cleaning of multiple areas can range between $300-$1200 for manual bat guano remediation.

Contact the company listed in your area to get a better understanding of their bat removal services. Insulation removal vacuums are the most common tool used by wildlife control companies for restoring an attic. The feces and soiled insulation should be removed, and then sanitation performed to rid the odor nuisance bats leave behind. Sanitation is a key step because it eliminates nuisance animal scent, and you are at less risk of having future problems with nuisance wildlife in the future when the odors are depleted.

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