Bats In The House

Removing Bat in House – Bat in My House, How To Get Rid Of Bats In House

If you have bats or a bat in your house, there are a couple things you can do.

1. Hire a wildlife company to come and remove the bat for you. This can cost some money, but it’s also a lot safer to put your trust in a professional to get the job done. It’s also a lot less stressful for you and your family. Go into a room, put a blanket under the door, and wait until the bat specialist arrives. If you cannot afford to hire a bat company, here’s a way you can take care of the problem yourself.

2. Remove the bats by yourself. If the bat is flying around, wait for it to land somewhere. I don’t recommend swinging around broom sticks or tennis rackets, this will only increase the possibility of you coming into contact with the bat, and the bat will also be less likely to land anytime soon. Once the bat lands, go grab your coffee grounds container. Put your coffee into a plastic bag, and then use the container to capture the bat. Slowly place the coffee container over the bat, and then slide a piece of paper between the bat and the wall. The bat will slip and fall into the can. Grab the lid and slap it on as quickly as you can. This is much more difficult than hiring a professional, and it’s also not always 100% effective. You can also capture bats on a sticky pad. When the bat is on the wall, place the sticky pad over it and take it outside. You can release a bat from a sticky pad by taking vegetable or canola oil and put some on the sticky pad. In 2-5 minutes, the bat will come off.

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Bats In House Page: Photo of the bat valve which humanely removes bats from your building.

Bats In The House Facts

Not only do people hate being accused of having bats in their houses but even fewer people would want to be associated with bats flying around their houses. Since time immemorial, bats are often seen as mysterious creatures that are surrounded by a lot of controversy. In Germany for example, bats are known as “die fledermaus” which is translated to flying mice. This is perhaps because bats resemble mice in a way. This resemblance however does not necessarily mean that bats are flying rodents. Bats are actually not part of the rodent family at all. This is something insurance companies will try to say in order to not cover an insurance claim because they don’t cover rodent damage. Well bats are not rodents! There are many reasons why you would not want to have bats flying around your house:

1. Because they can bite you.

2. Bats carry diseases.

3. It is a hassle to get them out.

4. It can cost money.

There is a practical and mythical interpretation as to why bats are increasingly becoming uninvited guests in many houses. While ignoring the mythical explanation, bats are roosting in many houses today due to the loss of their natural habitat. In fact, biologists argue that many people could have bats living in their attics and not even know it. It is very easy for a single bat to live in the attic undetected but a colony of bats can be a noise or smell nuisance. Male bats are usually the single culprit, where maternity colonies are made of females and are more noticeable when infesting the attic area. Male bats will also show up in the house more often because they will be living in the chimney, and come down into the house through an open chimney flu.

There are three main species of bats that are accustomed to making residential homes their habitats. These species include the big brown bats that are common in the U.S and some parts of Canada. There are also the little brown bats that are mainly found in North America and Canada and lastly the Mexican free tailed bats, common in South and Central America. It is important to note that killing a bat colony is illegal despite the fact that they are a nuisance in many homes. You can, however kill a single bat which got in your house, and test it for rabies. Currently, there are over eight species of bats that are on the Federal Endangered Species list. So live removal of the bat is preferred unless you are sure it came into contact with someone.

Bats are the only mammals that have the ability to fly. Most mammals can only manage gliding, like flying squirrels. For this reason, bats will always be a cause for terror if they find a way into your house. There are several ways that bats can access your living space. In most cases, bats can fly into your house through open spaces for example if a window or door is left open. This would normally happen after dark but in rare cases, bats can fly into a house if startled while they are resting outside. Bats can also enter your house through a chimney that lacks the protective chimney cap, and your chimney flu is left open.

If they are living in the attic, bats can fall into the basement or living area through the wall void that is between the inside and outside walls. If flying around the house, a person might get the idea that bats are relatively large creatures. Interestingly enough, bats can fit through narrow openings including spaces about the size of your finger. When it comes to bats getting into your house, there is one thing that you can be sure; that a bat has no interest in your house but rather just a victim of accidental entry. You could imagine that perhaps the bats are running away from mythical creatures or witches on brooms carrying tennis rackets.

Being relatively peaceful mammals, the bats are only looking for a peaceful end to the daily intrusion they experience on the life outside. Why else do you think bats often prefer dark caves that are inhabitable? Once you discover that there are bats in your house, your major objective should be to ensure that the bats are in a room that has a large opening such as a door or window. While trying to actualize this strategy, ensure that your pets such as dogs and cats are not part of the hunting process. They might as well ruin your chances of getting the bats outside. Worse still is the fact that the bats could have rabies thus posing a great health risk to your pets, and you. Try your best to steer clear of a bat in the house for this reason alone.

Bats naturally navigate through echolocation and for this reason, you might want to consider switching off any air conditioning unit that is running while you are in the process of getting the bats out of the house. In order for the entire activity not to be an exercise in futility, ensure that the doors and any openings leading to other rooms in the house are closed. If openings under doors cannot be closed permanently, you can simply cover them using a sheet. Despite the fact the sheet appears flimsy to people, the bats see it as a solid obstacle. They cannot slip under a door with a sheet secured properly.

An important thing to note is that all the above activities should be carried out in silence as you don’t want to spook the bats. A lot of noise such as shouting and screaming can upset the bats and confuse their echolocation navigation. Reducing the flight area for the bats is the best way of driving them out. You can have two people holding two sheets from opposite ends. This will restrict the flight area and the only point of escape for the bats would be the only opening that you want to drive them out through. A point of caution is never to exhibit aggressive behavior towards the bats. If you swing a tennis racket or a broom towards the bats, they might become aggressive and appear as they want to attack you. If you manage to corner a bat, which is rare because they are so quick, they might just latch onto your neck and suck you dry. No, just kidding, but it’s not a good idea to corner a bat anyway.

At this point, the bats are only trying to ensure survival and under no circumstances trying to harm you but the experience can be frightening especially if there are children around. If you have to pick the bats yourself once they fail to voluntarily fly outside, always ensure that you use gloves. When the bats leave the room, you are free to release your pets and also turn on the air conditioning unit.

In conclusion, bats are not entirely awful creatures after all. To some extent, some people would be grateful for the accidental invasion by bats. This is because bats are known for their prowess in feeding on flying insects that are at times a nuisance to people. The feeding can take place indoors or outdoors and once released outdoors, the bats can go back to their natural habitat while you go back to the peaceful quite of your home.