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Bird Removal From Attics and Vents, and The Cost For Bird Eviction Services

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The companies listed on this directory can provide professional bird control services, and can also perform additional services of attic restoration, animal damage repair, bird nest clean up, and vent repairs. Call today to schedule an appointment with a professional wildlife control business listed on this directory to service your property for bird removal services. Contact your local bird eviction specialists for details of how they handle nuisance bird exclusion. On this page I provide detailed information of bird removal & factors associated with nuisance bird infestations.

Bird Removal From Attic Bird Nesting Cleanup page: Photos of sparrow nesting material and European starling nest
Bird Removal From Attic Bird Nesting Cleanup page: Photos of bird poop in attic
Bird Removal From Attic Bird Nesting Cleanup page: Photos of a clog vent and nesting materials in an attic

Basics Of Bird Removal and Hazards With Bird Nesting Material In The Attic

Birds infest areas on a home such as the attic, chimney, dryer vents, and the crawl space. Removing nuisance birds should be done with caution not to seal the birds inside the structure. Nuisance birds should be removed from the building in a timely manner to avoid further damage. Sparrows & European Starlings are common nuisance birds which will infest the attic and build nests. The nests are hazardous because of several reasons.

First of all it can attract parasites known as bird mites. These little creatures are similar to bed bugs and can colonize inside an attic given enough time. Nests are also prone to spread particles of bird waste into the air, because they are so dry and droppings can attach to dust & fiberglass insulation to become airborne. This is a biohazard and respirators should be worn when inspecting a bird infested attic to avoid breathing these pathogens into lungs.

The process of removing birds from the attic should be performed by placing one-way exclusion devices over the birds main entry areas. This allows a live exclusion to be done and there will be little risk of harming any birds, and your problem will be resolved permanently with proper sealing.

Cost Of Bird Removal Jobs: $$$Price For Professional Bird Eviction Services

The cost for a bird exclusion often depends on the size of the structure and how many areas that need bird exclusion work done. The price can range from $300-$1,000 for a full-home bird exclusion job. If birds are infesting a single area such as a vent, exclusion can cost $100-$300. Birds often invade attic vents to gain access to the attic area. If that is the case, exclusion netting should be put in place to allow the birds to exit the attic unharmed, and when they return they will be unable to regain access.

Birds will typically be found in a dryer vent building a nest so they can lay their eggs in the spring and hatch their younglings. Sometimes baby birds need to be removed by hand on a job & relocated. If a full bird exclusion needs to be performed and the building is large (commercial / over 3 stories) then the price will be much higher because of the amount of work that needs to be done. On a large building extensive sealant work needs to be done to make sure the birds are permanently excluded.

For a large industrial building like this, prices can range between $4000-$15000 depending on the significance of the bird problem. If you are a homeowner with a common bird problem, not to worry, these companies are the best of the best, and will treat you fair. I make sure of this by contacting the business before I list them on my website. I do not advertise businesses that are unfair or otherwise rip people off. I personally talk with the business owners over the phone to get a feel for how they run the business.

Contact the nuisance wildlife control company listed in your area to inquire about their price structures for bird removal.

Hazards With Bird Droppings and How To Safely Inspect Bird Infested Attics

Doing the bird exclusion is the first step, but what about the waste the birds leave behind? Bird fecal matter is one of the most hazardous feces out of any animal we encounter in the wildlife control industry. Over time the bird waste can develop harmful spores of bacteria that can potentially become attached to fiberglass insulation and become airborne. This is very dangerous because once the bird feces particles are airborne anyone can breath them in – if not wearing the proper safety equipment.

Respirators should be worn by the wildlife removal technician when inspecting the attic area for damage & bird nesting material. Most animal removal companies can provide the service of remediating the bird waste & damaged insulation present inside the attic space. Tyvek suits should be worn when walking inside the contaminated attic, and taken off & bagged before coming back down into the house. Safety goggles are also important because particles can get caught inside a persons eyes and cause infection.

Always be cautious when inspecting a bird infested attic. It is better to leave that part up to a professional wildlife control company because they should know all the proper safety regulations.

Remediation Of Bird Waste From The Attic Area

Attic remediation is a process in which the wildlife control company will remediation all waste, damaged insulation, and nesting material. The attic should also be sanitized to rid odors. To get rid of bird mites there should also be insecticide applied where the bird nesting material was located. Respirators and Tyvek Suits are important to wear during attic remediation of bird waste.

Wildlife control companies use insulation removal vacuums which they are able to run the long tubes inside the attic through soffits or exposed openings and suck out the damaged insulation along with the bird feces. This is a useful tool because there will be no hazardous bird waste escaping into the house. Manual removal of bird waste is done when full attic remediation is not necessary. This involves spot cleaning areas where there is bird waste or nesting material inside the attic.

Insulation vacuum’s are not typically used for this because there will not be not large amounts of insulation being removed. The wildlife technician would get into the attic with thick contractor bags and manually pick up feces & nesting and then bag the items. It is a good idea to double bag such contents to ensure nothing comes out of the bags when being brought through living quarters. The price for spot cleaning is much less expensive, however insurance sometimes will cover full remediation, making it the best option for the homeowner.

It is better to get everything out at a cheaper rate rather than paying more for spot cleaning.

Locating Bird Entry / Exit Areas and What Should Be Done During Inspection Of Bird Eviction Job

Areas which are the source of the bird infestation commonly have bird waste dripping down from that area. That is one of the best signs of a bird infestation on a particular area. Other particles may be found such as feathers or scratch marks around the area of entry. Once the bird entry / exit area is located, an exclusion device will be put in place to allow the birds to exit the building. Live exclusion is the best method because in the end, everyone is safe and happy. The birds, too!

Allowing nuisance birds to exit the building unharmed and proving the homeowner a permanent solution at the same time should be a bird removal companies main goal. We care about animals in this industry, we are not out to harm these animals in any way. Certain states simply have laws put in place that require us to euthanize certain animals, but never birds. Learn more by contacting the local business listed in your area about their bird eviction services.

The attic should be thoroughly inspected to get an idea for the amount of damages that need repaired. It is never enough to just simply confirm the bird infestation of the attic and not do anything about the damage the nuisance wildlife birds leave behind. Aside from physically seeing the birds flying in and out of a spot, looking inside the attic can also be helpful because light from the outside is usually visible. This will give the wildlife control technician a good idea for where the birds are utilizing an entry / exit point.

Call today for pro bird control.

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