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Professional Wildlife Removal In Cleveland, Ohio

Mike Cottoms Wildlife Removal is a professional, full-service 7-day-a-week animal removal business located in Cleveland, Ohio. Call 440-236-8114 for animal control services. This wildlife removal company can exclude nuisance animals from your attic, chimney, crawl space, lawn, ponds, sheds, decks, and other areas of residential & commercial properties. Deck barrier exclusion can be performed to keep animals out. They also can provide attic restoration services & wildlife droppings cleanup/removal from the attic. Mike Cottoms Wildlife Removal can help with property invasions of bats, raccoons, alligators, beavers, birds, squirrels, & other creatures that choose to invade your property. If you live in Cleveland, Westlake, Salon, Rocky River, Independence, Beachwood, & surrounding areas, call Mike Cottoms Wildlife Removal for all of your animal control needs. You can trust this experienced wildlife control business to provide a complete service. This is a qualified, licensed wildlife removal company, and they have pricing for various services.

Wildlife animals are always looking for a warm & safe place to take harborage, whether it be giving birth to pups in the springtime, or finding their way into an attic during the winter months to stay warm. Mike Cottoms Wildlife Removal is an excellent customer service provider and can help homeowners with nuisance animal infestations including bat removal from the attic, raccoon removal from the attic, squirrel removal, woodpecker control, mole control, rodent control, bird removal from the attic, beaver removal & solutions, animal proofing, repairs, attic clean up / attic decontamination due to wildlife fecal matter, and various other services related to wildlife infestation. Getting nuisance animals out of the home is the first step, followed by exclusion & animal proofing to keep wild critters out long term. Contact Mike Cottoms Wildlife Removal for details on their warranty services for different jobs.

Wildlife Control & Animal Removal Company In Cleveland, Westlake, Salon, Rocky River, Independence, & Beachwood OH. Call For Professional Beaver Removal, Bird Control, Raccoon Removal, Squirrel Control, & Bat Removal From The Attic.

Bat Removal From The Attic. Bat Control Specialists Of Cleveland, Westlake, Salon, Rocky River, Independence, & Beachwood, Ohio. Professional Bat Eviction From The Attic Services.

Many people need bat removal because of infestation rates in homeowner’s attics, chimneys, and crawl spaces. Big brown bats and little brown bats are some of the most common species found in the OH cities of Bat exclusion from the attic is performed by installing one-way bat eviction devices over the bat’s main point of entry. This will allow the nuisance bats to fly out of the structure unharmed, and when they return, they will be unable to access the sealed-off areas.

Detail-oriented sealant work is important on bat jobs because when the bats return to the structure, they will seek to slip through another area to get back inside. The exterior should be inspected, and the cost for bat removal will depend on how many areas need to be sealed, the size of the bat colony, and how difficult certain areas are to access on a home. If there is a single space exposed that was not sealed, the bats will likely be able to find it. This is something Mike Cottoms Wildlife Removal takes into consideration before taking on a bat job. Nuisance bats find these areas not by visually seeing them, but hearing drafts coming out of construction gaps that lead into the attic.

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If there has been a prolonged infestation of nuisance bats, there will likely be some amounts of guano left behind which needs to be cleaned up. Bat guano can develop harmful bacterias over a certain period of time, this is why it should be removed & the attic sanitized to avoid any biohazards. Signs of having a bat colony living in your attic is finding loose bats that find their way inside living quarters of a home. If you have recently had a bat invade your house, you should have a wildlife removal business inspect your property to check for signs of a bat colony.

Many people have bats and don’t even know it. Finding multiple bats inside your home means there is a good chance of a present bat colony. You can watch the outside of your home right when the sun goes down to see if any bats fly out of the roofline of your house. Sometimes, bat colonies can grow to over 100 members.

Getting the bats out is the first step; attic cleanup & insulation removal is the next. Providing that a full-home bat exclusion is performed, a warranty may be put in place by the wildlife control company. Contact Mike Cottoms Wildlife Removal for details on their warranty services.

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Professional Bat Removal and Bat Eviction From The Attic In The Ohio Cities Of Cleveland, Westlake, Salon, Rocky River, Independence, & Beachwood, Ohio. Cleveland, Westlake, Salon, Rocky River, Independence, and Beachwood, Ohio

Squirrel Removal From The Attic In Ohio Cities Of Cleveland, Westlake, Salon, Rocky River, Independence, & Beachwood Ohio. Professional Squirrel Trapping Company.

Squirrels are persistent chewers and have no problems chewing through homeowners feca boards, attic vents, plastic vent covers, and also wooden soffits. The nuisance squirrels should be taken care of before greater amounts of damage is caused to the structure. Trapping and removal of nuisance squirrels is a process which can involve a variety of control methods. If the squirrels have chewed out a single area and the hole is readily accessible, the wildlife removal technician should be able to install a one-way exclusion door to capture the offending squirrels. Other methods of cage trapping can also be used. Contact Mike Cottoms Wildlife Removal for more details of how they perform their squirrel eradications. Squirrel problems do not resolve on their own ever, they simply need to be trapped and removed in a timely manner to avoid expensive home construction repairs.

Squirrel teeth actually can grow up to 7-8 inches every year, but their constant chewing wears them down. Squirrels are one of the most high strung critters that we deal with in the wildlife control industry. When caught in a cage trap squirrels will sometimes thrash around violently and cause injury to themselves if left in the trap for too long. Squirrels may be relocated because they are not common rabies carriers. They should be released in a rural area.

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Some people attempt capturing squirrels on their own, and when that fails end up calling out the professionals. Squirrel removal is a lot harder than many people think. When you are well educated on how squirrel removal works, you realize its not all fun and games. Problems catching the squirrels can happen to inexperienced homeowners or companies. Not Mike Cottoms Wildlife Removal! They know all the proper steps to get rid of unwanted guests that do not pay rent. You can call them the landlords of your attic. You trash the place, you’re out! But on a more serious note, professional squirrel removal can be difficult depending on the situation. Fee’s will be put in place by the wildlife removal business depending on how many squirrels there are, how hard certain areas are to access, and also the size of the structure the squirrels have chosen to inhabit. Call (440) 236-8114 for squirrel removal services in Cleveland, Ohio.

Raccoon Removal From The Attic In Cleveland Ohio. Raccoon Control Specialists Of Cleveland, Westlake, Salon, Rocky River, Independence, & Beachwood Ohio. Expert Services Of Trapping Raccoons From Attic.

Raccoons are creatures that just love to break into a nice cozy attic. In the months between March & Late April female raccoons will infest the attic space of a home because she is searching for a good place to commerce her young. When this happens, a variety of control methods can be used to evict the female raccoon and her young. The most humane way would be to relocate the female & babies by performing a live exclusion. Other methods such as live cage trapping are commonly used because of certain laws in different states. Clean up of damaged insulation is sometimes necessary when the raccoons have simply made a mess of things, which is often not uncommon.

Trapping & removal of raccoons from the attic is a common service Mike Cottoms Wildlife Removal can provide to residential & commercial clients in the SC cities of Cleveland, Westlake, Salon, Rocky River, Independence, & Beachwood Ohio.

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Common signs of raccoon infestation are hearing them go “thump” in the middle of the night. Raccoons will be most active from 10pm to 5 a.m. If young are present, you will likely hear squealing similar to a “chattering” coming from in the walls, attic, or crawl space. You can usually hear the baby raccoons well enough that you can pinpoint a certain area they are located. If a baby raccoon is inside a wall, drywall saws or knives can be used to cut the area out in the wall and remove the baby raccoon. This is not a good idea if momma is still around. You do not want to have a full grown, recently pregnant female raccoon dashing through your home, potentially biting you or a pet. The mother should be trapped and removed separately from pursuing the baby raccoons. A Cleveland Ohio wildlife control technician can usually remove the baby raccoons before the mother is trapped, providing the mother raccoon is not aggressive. They generally are not. As long as you don’t get too close!

Raccoon exclusion is a term to describe patching off areas on a home where raccoons may have gotten inside, or maybe an area they could “potentially” get inside. If you want to be fully protected, you should have certain areas sealed off using sheet metal or 1/2 inch steel gauge wire. Call Mike Cottoms Wildlife Removal for professional raccoon removal from the attic services in Cleveland, Westlake, Salon, Rocky River, Independence, & Beachwood Ohio. If you have raccoon problems, do not ignore the issue & put off trapping them, you will end up paying much more money on repairs even if you spend over $600 paying a wildlife removal company to trap and remove the offending nuisance raccoons.

Raccoon Removal & Control Services In Cleveland, Westlake, Salon, Rocky River, Independence, & Beachwood Ohio.

Bird Removal From The Attic In South Carolina Cities Of Cleveland, Westlake, Salon, Rocky River, Independence, & Beachwood Ohio. Bird Eviction From The Attic Specialists. Professional Bird Exclusion.

Bird removal is a common service offered by Mike Cottoms Wildlife Removal. Removing birds from a structure is done by placing one-way bird netting over the nuisance birds main entry spaces. When nuisance birds invade the attic of a home, they will often collect material and build large bird nests in the attic. European starlings and sparrows are typical intruders when it comes to bird infestation. Attic remediation is sometimes needed when birds have infested the attic because they will leave behind hazardous droppings. Attic clean up due to bird nesting and bird droppings is a process which is performed by removing all contaminated materials, sanitizing the entire attic space, and placing down new insulation to replace the old.

Never inspect a bird infested attic without wearing the proper safety equipment such as a quality respirator. Bird nests can sometimes contain bird mites, which need to be eradicated by applying pesticides to the nest. This can only be done by a licensed pesticide applicator with licenses obtained through the state.

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Removing nuisance wildlife birds is the first step in the bird eradication procedure, cleaning up their mess and making sure there are no other areas on the home where birds may be able to re-enter is the final step. Birds are wonderful for the environment by keeping insects and other critters at a threshold population, but when they invade the inside of your home, they become an annoyance for many people. Birds will also commonly enter dryer & attic vents and actually harbor a nest inside the vent itself. Special types of tools are used to remove bird nesting from the inside of a vent. Exclusion devices would be put over top the vent to allow the birds a safe way to exit, and when they come back they will be excluded from those spots.

Call Mike Cottoms Wildlife Removal for professional bird eviction services in the Ohio cities of Cleveland, Westlake, Salon, Rocky River, Independence, & Beachwood. This company is licensed and insured in case of an accident on the job. Contact this company for information on how they do bird removal & also warranty services.