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Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Of Columbus is dedicated to providing homeowners in Columbus Ohio with the most advanced wildlife control services possible. We can service your property for a variety of services including bat removal from the attic, raccoon removal from the attic, squirrel removal from the attic, skunk removal from under decks, mole removal from yard, and commercial bird barrier installation. We do everything related to wildlife issues, including animal proofing where damage was made and attic clean up after nuisance animals have made a mess. Wildlife removal is not an easy job by any means, and to keep updated on the most efficient methods of animal removal, Buckeye Wildlife Solutions employees attend annual wildlife control training seminars around the country. So whether you have a bat in your basement, or a raccoon on your roof, give us a call!

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Providing Wildlife Removal & Wildlife Rescue In Columbus, Ohio

We at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions are dedicated to removing nuisance animals from your home at an affordable rate. We take pride in our animal removal work and can solve most all of your wildlife issues. We have been in business for many years. We have had great success in maintaining our accomplished business models due to our outstanding customer service. We always guarantee our work, and provide the customer with a copy of our written contract whenever we are hired for an animal removal job. Besides dealing with our “everyday” wildlife removal work, we can also go far beyond simply removing an animal. Wildlife rescue is also something we do in Columbus OH, and would be happy to provide this service to any wildlife animal that needs our help! We provide our valued clients with exclusion or “animal proofing” services whenever it is needed. We can also clean up & restore your attic when animals make a mess of things. Offering a permanent solution to your wildlife problem along with professional customer service is our #1 priority. Give Buckeye Wildlife Solutions of Columbus a call and we will do our absolute best to take care of your wildlife issues in a timely, professional, & humane manner.

Columbus is home to many nuisance animal species. The most common wildlife species that invade the attic area of a home are raccoons, bats, birds, and squirrels. Call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions for nuisance animal control services in Columbus, Ohio. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions provides homeowners and commercial clients with guaranteed animal removal services with a warranty, attic remediation / clean up, and animal damage repair. Call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions today for professional wildlife control services.

Thank You for considering Buckeye Wildlife Solutions for your animal removal needs in Columbus, OH. Give us a call at (614) 412-1922 for a free over-the-phone quote.

Columbus, OH Raccoon Removal & Control Services.

Raccoons are one of the most destructive pest animals there are. They tend to climb onto the rooftop of a home using gutter spouts, corners of a house, up the side of chimneys, and most commonly from overhanging trees close to the roof. Raccoon removal is performed by setting traps in the most traveled areas by the raccoons. In some instances, traps may be placed on the roof. Some raccoons can be “cage shy” because they have been previously captured in a live cage tra, and are smart enough to avoid similar traps in the future. We at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions of Columbus will provide raccoon trapping services for five days or until the damage stops. If no raccoons are caught in that period, they have likely relocated due to the traps being there. Raccoons are intelligent nuisance critters who know when trouble is coming. This is why a detailed understanding of the raccoon’s behavior is fundamental to using proper raccoon control methods. Call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions today for Raccoon Removal In Columbu, Ohio. Buckeye Wildlife can also clean & sanitize your attic when raccoonsliveg up there. Different diseases can be present in raccoon fecal matter, so getting it out of your home is essential. The longer raccoons are in your home, the more damage they will cause.

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Raccoon Madness In Springtime Around Columbus Ohio

Mother raccoons will break into peoples attics in the springtime to give birth to their offspring in Columbus OH. Raccoons are extremely intelligent and can maneuver around your home with ease, until they find a place to rip open and walahh! You now have raccoons in your attic. Upon receiving your call, Buckeye Wildlife Solutions will come out to your property and assess the raccoon situation. We will first inspect your attic to search for baby raccoons. If we find some, we will retrieve them from the attic and then set a trap for the mother raccoon… Once she is captured we will inspect the home once again, searching for any new damages the raccoon may of inflicted. When we capture a mother raccoon with a litter of babies we will set them free back into the wild after being rehabilitated. Nothing is more important to us than saving our wildlife! Attic clean up after a raccoon infestation is a service Buckeye Wildlife Solutions offers.

Raccoon Fact – Mother raccoons usually birth between 4-8 pups and will live inside an attic as long as they have access to it. Some raccoon problems can go on for years if allowed. Raccoons are also very dexterous animals and their hands are the most sensitive parts of their bodies.

Columbus, OH Bat Removal & Control Services.

Bats can be one of the most difficult wildlife species to remove from a home. If bats are infesting the attic area, a full-home exclusion must be performed. This involves finding the main entrances the bats are using and installing an exclusion device over that main entry area. This will allow the bats to fly free and clear of the home, and will be unable to re-enter. The entire home must be sealed up to prevent the bats from entering another area. We use special material that is guaranteed to last. Thorough sealing work must be done because bats are extremely talented at finding additional entry areas. They locate these spots by utilizing their sonar hearing to detect drafts coming from gaps that lead to the attic. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions specializes in the removal of nuisance bats and have been doing so for 44 years of accumulative experience between our 3 operators. Experience is key when doing a bat removal job because if 1 area is left unsealed, the bats will make their way back inside the structure. Generally the cost of a bat exclusion can range between $1500 – $3500 depending on how large the structure is, and how many areas need sealant work done. Call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions today for professional bat eviction services in Columbus Ohio. All bat jobs come with a minimum 1 year guarantee included in the estimate.

 Columbus OH Wildlife Control page: Photo of a maternity colony of bats in an attic

Columbus Ohio Bat Infestations From Spring Into late summer

Maternity colonies will infest attics around Columbus, Ohio, mainly in the springtime. Just like raccoons, the bats seek a safe and warm place to give birth to their pups. In a maternity bat colony, all the bats are female! Female bats are the only bat to infest the attic area of a home. Male bats hang outside in trees and such, usually by themselves. However, a rare occurrence is when a bachelor colony can form, made up of all male bats. Only certain species of bats form bachelor colonies. We at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions care about bats as they play a vital role in the ecosystem around Columbus, OH. Bat removal in Columbus is a meticulous process where we will go over the entire structure and find where the bats are getting inside the attic. It is illegal in Columbus, Ohio to perform bat removal when maternity colonies have birthed their offspring. You must deal with your bat infestation a bit longer in those cases! Maternity season runs from May 15th to August 15th in Ohio. There is still something we can do, although the bats will inevitably still be in your residence. During maternity season, we go over the entire structure and seal up all secondary entrances. After the maternity season passes, we will return and install our one-way bat exclusion devices over the bat’s main entrances. Call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Of Columbus for bat removal from the attic services in Columbus, Ohio.

Bat Fact – Nationwide Bats Are Federally Protected & Live Exclusion Is The Only Legal Way To Get Rid Of Them. Killing A Bat Is Illegal, Except A Bat That Comes Into Contact With A Human. If You Have A Bat In Your Home, Pestco Can Remove It and Test It For Rabies If It comes into Contact With Anyone In The Home Or If It May Have Come Into Contact With A House Pet.

Columbus, OH Squirrel Removal & Control Services

Squirrel removal is a common service offered by Buckeye Wildlife Solutions of Columbus to residential homeowners and commercial clients. Squirrel trapping is performed by setting traps in the most used route of travel by the squirrels. Sometimes Buckeye Wildlife is able to set a one-way trap over the squirrel hole in order to catch them as they are exiting the structure. Squirrels can cause a significant amount of damage to a home over time. Once in the attic, they can chew on wires, burrow insulation, and dispel fecal matter and urine in different areas throughout the attic. The most dangerous hazard with squirrels is they tend to chew on electrical wires in the attic. This can be a fire hazard due to the squirrels habit of dragging in dry nesting material from outside, and when they chew on the wires it can cause sparks go flying and ignite the nesting material or insulation. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions of Columbus can help you get rid of the nuisance squirrels in a timely and professional manner. We have many different effective techniques we put to good use on squirrel jobs. After all the squirrels have been trapped, we can seal off their entry hole to prevent other squirrels from getting back inside your home. If the squirrels were in your attic we can also provide attic clean up services if necessary. Call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions of Columbus today for professional squirrel removal from the attic.

 Columbus OH Wildlife Control page: Photo of caged gray squirrels

Columbus Ohio Grey Squirrel Problems From Fall and Throughout Wintertime

Grey squirrels are the most common nuisance squirrels Buckeye Wildlife Solutions deals with around Columbus Ohio. Squirrels are active all year and can produce 2-3 batches of young per year. The squirrel problems in Columbus has escalated dramatically over the years. No matter how many squirrels are hunted, trapped, or picked off by predators, their numbers still seem to grow. In the winter grey squirrels will chew holes on the outside of homes to gain access into the attics. Squirrels are one of the most destructive wildlife pests there are right behind raccoons. Their teeth can grow up to 8 inches every year, although their constant chewing wears them down at about the same rate as they grow. The same is true with all rodents such as rats and mice. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions approaches squirrel removal in Columbus by setting traps over the main entry areas. We have a particular kind of trap that can go right over the squirrel hole, if it’s accessible enough for us to reach. This trap is called a one-way colonizing trap, which can catch multiple squirrels at once. We will also put additional traps near the entry hole to catch any squirrels on the outside during our installment of the one-way trap. Call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Of Columbus for squirrel removal from the attic in Columbus Ohio.

Squirrel Fact – Unlike raccoons or other rabies carriers, it is perfectly legal to relocate a live-trapped squirrel off your property.

Fun Fact – Squirrel teeth grow between 7-8 inches every year, but their constant chewing wears them down.

Columbus, OH Skunk Removal & Control Services.

Skunks will infest homeowners’ properties by taking shelter underneath decks, patios, sheds, and other outbuildings. Skunk trapping is performed by setting nuisance animal traps in the most often-used routes the nuisance skunks travel. If the skunks are underneath a deck or outbuilding, “one-way positive set-up” may be an option to capture them when they come out from under the structure. This is done by wiring off all other areas around the deck or shed and leaving a single spot open so that the skunks have no choice but to go through the traps. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions of Columbus, Ohio can help you with any skunk problems you are experiencing. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions has been in business for several years and understands the proper methods that should be used to remove skunks in different situations. Skunks are typically docile creatures and do not pose much of a threat to people. The nuisance of smelling their odor is the most common complaint people have of skunks. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions can offer clients with deodorizing services if a skunk has sprayed around a residence. Contact Buckeye Wildlife for skunk removal services in Columbus, OH.

 Columbus  OH Wildlife Control page: Photo of a trapped skunk

Skunk Problems in Columbus Ohio in The Spring & Summer

Skunk problems begin to arise in Columbus Ohio around the months of February and March. Skunks will breed in these months and cause quite a ruckus around Columbus neighborhoods. A male skunk can travel between 2-4 miles every night in search of a female to mate with. Once he finds her, the encounter does not always go so smooth. If the female skunk rejects the male she will spray him. Skunks are mostly docile creatures but will spray when they feel threatened by humans or other animals. After mating season, the now pregnant female skunks will search for a den to birth her offspring. They will very commonly dig underneath decks, patios, and porches around Columbus for their den site. She will create a nest in these areas and eventually give birth to her young. Baby skunks will live off their mothers milk for a couple months or until they become completely mobile. It is better to address a skunk problem before the mother skunk gives birth, but many people do not realize they are there until they start seeing the little ones roaming around in their yard. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions can provide skunk removal to residential and commercial clients in Columbus Ohio. We generally like to get a one-way trap over the entry hole the skunks are using the access the structure. This does not always apply in certain situations but we have many other methods of skunk removal & skunk trapping in Columbus as well.

Skunk Spray Solution: If A Skunk Has Sprayed Your Dog Or Cat, This Is A Remedy Used For Ridding The Skunk Odor From Your Pets fur. First, Mix A Quart Of Hydrogen Peroxide, A Good Splash Of Dish Soap, 1 Tsp Of Baking Soda, and Mix With A Gallon Of Water. Stir This Solution For 3-4 Minutes, And Then Apply To Your Pets Fur. Scrub In Pets Fur 10-15 minutes

Columbus, OH Bird Removal & Control Services.

Birds commonly infest the attic area of a home by entering through attic vents and exposed construction gaps on the roof. The wildlife removal specialist should take a look in the attic for any sign of damage or bird fecal matter that needs to be cleaned up. Bird removal is done by first locating the points of entry on the outside and putting exclusion devices over those areas. After the exclusion devices are put in place, the entire structure should be inspected for additional areas where birds may be able to enter. These areas should also be sealed up to keep any nuisance wildlife species out of the attic. The bird exclusion devices will allow the nuisance wildlife birds to exit the structure unharmed, and then when they return to that area, they will be unable to regain access due to the exclusion device. Birds sometimes leave a large amount of waste in the attic, and in extreme cases, homeowners should have their attic remediated if there is a large amount of bird feces. Sanitation should also be performed during the attic remediation process. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions of Columbus understands bird behaviors and will be able to identify the best control tactics to use on a particular bird removal job. Call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions of Columbus, Ohio, today for nuisance wildlife control & bird removal services.

 Cleveland OH Wildlife Control page: Photo of a bird feces in an attic

Bird Problems In The Month Of April & May Around Columbus Ohio

Columbus is home to many different species of birds. There is however, 2 main species of birds in Columbus that most commonly cause nuisance problems. The first is Sparrows. Sparrows will invade attics around Columbus by entering through loose attic screens, and exposed gaps on top of ridge vents on a home. Once inside the attic, sparrows will begin building their nests. They do not stop, and they will never stop building the nest. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions has inspected homes in the past with gigantic sparrow nests inside the attic space. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions can remove these nuisance birds by installing one-way bird netting over the main entry areas. After all the birds are gone, we will then seal up those areas which provides a permanent solution to your Columbus bird problem. European Starlings are the second bird which can invade the attic space in the spring. Unlike Sparrows, Starlings tend to be invasive and take over nests instead of building the nests by themselves. We have seen many large Sparrow nests in attics around Columbus which are actually occupied by Starlings. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions of Columbus can take care of these nuisance birds for you. Residential & commercial bird removal services.

Bird Fact – In Columbus, Sparrows and Starlings Are The Most Common Nuisance Birds To Infest Homeowners Attics. They Will Commonly Build Large Attic Nests Which Can Become As Large As 10ft x 10ft And Up To 4ft Tall.

Columbus, OH Rodent Removal & Control Services

Rodent removal is a service Buckeye Wildlife Solutions can provide residential and commercial clients in the city of Columbus, OH. Rodent control can be done by setting up rodenticide bait stations. The mice / rats will enter these stations, eat the poison baits, and die within 24 hours of consuming the rodenticide bait. Rodent exclusions can also be offered as a long term solution. During a mouse exclusion, the process usually consists of installing one-way exclusion valves over the main entry / exit areas the mice / rats are using to access the attic area. Once this is done, a full home sealant job should be done to prevent the rodents from finding another way to access the attic. The most common areas that should be sealed up during a mouse exclusion are dormer areas, drip edge’s, around soffits, around the foundation of the home, corners of a foundation, ridge vents on the roof, and select other areas. An experienced wildlife control technician would know the proper areas to seal up on a home. Call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions for nuisance animal removal services & rodent control. Rodent removal jobs can cost between $300-$1000 depending on the size of the infestation, if exclusion services are necessary or not, and if rodenticide stations are to be used. Contact Buckeye Wildlife Solutions of Columbus with details of your nuisance animal situation.

 Columbu OH Wildlife Control page: Photo of a mouse eating bread on a table

Mouse Problems in Late Fall & Early Winter In Columbus Ohio

When mice sense that winter is coming, they will often take shelter in residential homes around Columbus, OH. Mice are probably one of the more common pests we deal with in the winter months. Infestations can range from just a few mice up to several hundred. Common complaints of mice are hearing them in the walls & ceiling and also finding their droppings inside the home. Mouse droppings are very small, much smaller than a bat dropping. They actually look very similar to little beads of rice. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions of Columbus handles mouse infestations in Columbus by setting out bait stations with poison. These stations ARE cat & dog proof. We will leave the stations on the property for 3-5 months and then return later to perform exclusion. Sealing up the house once all the mice are gone is very important to avoid future mouse problems. The current mice will leave their scent behind, in turn attracting more mice to the building. Call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions of Columbus, Ohio for mouse baiting & mouse removal services. We can also clean your attic in case of a large mouse infestation inside your attic. This process includes removal of contaminated insulation, sanitation, and placing new insulation in the attic up to state codes.

Rat Fact: Columbus Ohio Has A Rapidly Increasing Rat Population. Many Restaurants In The Area Have Been Shut Down Due To Rat Infestations. Rats Are Extremely Intelligible Animals, And They Can Be Difficult To Trap. Rat Traps Must Be Pre-Baited For 2 Weeks Before Being Set, So That Way The Rats Become Accustomed To Feeding Off The Traps With No Consequence.