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Fur N Feather Wildlife Control based out of Cortland NY can help homeowners or commercial clients with removing nuisance animals from their property. We specialize in wildlife removal services and have been in the wildlife control industry for many years. When servicing a property for a nuisance animal situation, we will trap or exclude the animals with a 100% guarantee. After the critters are out of your residence, we will seal up the entry hole they were using. Animal proofing those areas is an important step to ensure other animals cannot get into your home in the future. We are very diligent in our wildlife removal work and take pride in providing the most advanced wildlife management services in New York.

In the spring time many people around Cortland will experience some kind of wildlife problem. From bats in the attic, to raccoons living in the chimney, to snakes in the basement, everyone is at risk no matter how well constructed your home is. Raccoons especially have the ability to rip open your soffit, or even come straight through the roof and into your attic. No matter what kind of wildlife infestation you may be experiencing in Cortland, call Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control to rectify the situation. We are fully licensed and insured wildlife control agents through the state of New York for wildlife control services. There is no job too small, and no job too big for Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control! Call today for wildlife removal in Cortland NY.

Cortland New York Bat Removal From Attic & Bat Control Services

Bat problems are a common occurrence in Cortland New York. Bats will invade a structure by utilizing their sonar hearing in order to hear drafts coming from their potential entry points. Bats are a nuisance to people when they infest a building because not only do they shed large amounts of guano up inside the attic, but the bats will also make their way into living quarters at times when they are seeking warmer or cooler temperatures. This is actually how most people figure out they have infestation, is by finding bats flying around in their living rooms or other portions of the home. Bat removal from the attic is a time consuming process and should only be attempted by a trained professional. In the wildlife industry we call it “bat exclusion.” This term is used to specify the process of getting bats out of a building by means of keeping the bats alive, or “live bat exclusion.” It is the only legal way to remove bats from the attic in New York. If there has been a single bat inside living quarters of a home, bat removal can be done by lethal measures with motivation to get the bat tested for rabies in cases where it is suspected the bat came into contact with pets or humans. Live bat exclusion is a process in which the wildlife control professional would install one-way bat doors over the main point of entry being used by the nuisance bats. The entire rest of the building also must be sealed up with heavy duty material to prevent the bats from getting back inside the structure. Bat removal in Cortland is a common service requested by homeowners and commercial buildings. Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control of Cortland can help you with any bat problems you are having whether the bats are in the attic, in your home, or are infesting other areas of residential or commercial property. We are your Cortland bat removal pro’s and will service your problem with professionalism and experience. We are state licensed and insured for performing bat removal from the attic and have all the necessary equipment to get the jobs done right the first time. Call Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control for bat removal from the attic.

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Cortland NY Squirrel Removal From Attic & Squirrel Extermination

Squirrel infestations is a very common problem in Cortland NY. Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control can help homeowners in the Cortland NY area with squirrel removal. When squirrels break into a home, they will commonly infest the attic area. Once inside the attic, the squirrels can cause a multitude of damage to the home including chewing holes on the outside of the home, burrowing through insulation, dispelling their waste and urine in the attic, chewing on electrical wiring inside the attic, and also gathering nesting material and storing it in the attic during the winter and spring. Squirrels are active all year, so many times people will have squirrel problems in the wintertime in Cortland NY. Keeping squirrels out of the home is the ultimate goal Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control has, and this is accomplished by doing full exclusion on the home. Not only will it keep the nuisance squirrels out, but also mice, bats, and other creatures. We offer this service to all of our clients. A fun fact about squirrels is that their teeth can grow up to 6-7 inches every year, but are constantly worn down by chewing on things. Squirrels become a nuisance to property owners not only because of the extensive damage they cause, but squirrels are also a high noise disturbance, mostly in the early morning when people are just starting to wake up. You will generally be able to distinguish the noises as a squirrel, they are much louder than mice and move more quickly than a raccoon. The only animal that can commonly be mistaken for squirrel noises are rats. Rebounding after the squirrels have been trapped is done by making sure the squirrels are released far away from the property, or euthanized. Keeping squirrels out of the house long term is ensured by performing exclusion on the house, also known as squirrel proofing. This is where we will seal up the areas the squirrels were using to access the home with tough and durable materials. Call Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control for squirrel removal from the attic services in Cortland New York.

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Cortland New York Raccoon Removal From Attic & Raccoon Control Services

Raccoon removal from the attic is something Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control can tackle in Cortland NY. We use proven methods for trapping raccoons and making sure they are never able to come back to your home again. When raccoons are in your attic they will cause a multitude of damage the longer they are up there. Fur & Feathers Wildlife control uses proven methods for raccoon removal in the New York city of Cortland. There is a high population of raccoons in Cortland and they have a good chance of becoming a nuisance. Many times raccoons are seeking to break into an attic because it is a female ready to give birth to her offspring. In her mind the safest place to give birth to her pups is up inside a nice warm attic. It is also very secluded and there are not many predators. Although at times male raccoons will still smell the scent of the female giving birth and he is the biggest threat to the young raccoons when a female has babies inside an attic. This is because during the springtime, male raccoons are still trying to mate with the females, and one will attempt killing the entire litter of babies in order to put the female back into heat again. Male raccoons can smell the scent of female raccoons giving birth from miles away and he will locate the brood and attack. This does not always work out for the male because a mother raccoon is very defensive of her young. She will fight to the death at times to ward off the invading male raccoon. When this event happens up inside an attic, homeowners can often hear the altercation occurring, because it usually takes place at nighttime. If you hear raccoons fighting, or you simply have raccoons up in your attic, give Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control a call today and let them solve all of your raccoon problems for you in Cortland NY.

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