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Dayton Ohio is home to many nuisance species of wildlife. Our team here at Barnes Wildlife Control, LLC are your experts for pest wildlife removal in the Ohio city of Dayton & surrounding areas. Pest Wildlife Control & Animal Removal is our specialty here in Dayton. We are a family owned business with 45+ years of combined experience between our operators, and counting! Don’t delay in contacting us if you are looking for a pest animal removal and wildlife control company in Dayton to keep your home & family protected from aggressive nuisance animals that get into your home and cause all kinds of health hazards. Our services are GUARANTEED to work, so give us a call.

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Dayton Wildlife Removal Techniques – List Of Animal Removal Services We Offer:

Pest Wildlife Control Services – The damage pest critters cause can be severe, which is why we offer a wide range of services to keep them out permanently. Our general animal removal services include raccoon removal, bat removal, mole trapping, squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal, beehive extraction, groundhog removal, rodent control, snake removal, dead animal pickup, and skunk odor elimination services. Even if the service you need is not listed here, make sure to call and talk to one of our experts anyways!

Preventative services such as the installment of stainless steel chimney caps, deck screen barriers around decks, sheds, and foundations, rodenticide bait stations for preventative rodent control, roof vent guards, animal damage repairs, full-home exclusion/sealing.

Restoration services in conjunction with preventative services is very important to avoid the potential for more pest critters to get into your attic and the rest of your home. This type of wildlife control service involves the completion of many things, such as attic remediation, wildlife droppings cleanup, and restoring damaged material such as open animal entry holes on the roof, torn duct work inside of attics, ripped apart roofing material, soffit damages, guano removal & sanitation, and an assortment of other scenarios. Restoration is actually a term used quite a lot among professionals in the animal removal & wildlife control industry, because restoration is something that seasoned professionals in our industry will offer to every homeowner when the situation renders these services necessary.

About Barnes Wildlife Control LLC & Dayton Wildlife Control

Wildlife removal is something that should be handled by experts, because nuisance animals carry disease, parasites, and not to mention they can be very aggressive in situations where the animal is infected with different kinds of diseases, including rabies. Don’t hesitate to call us for emergency animal removal services.

How a nuisance wildlife situation is solved will depend on many factors such as where the animals point of entry is located, what nuisance species is involved, and what part of the property or home the animals are infesting. We run into unique situations all the time in our wildlife control business, which require the ability to implement measures of “integrated pest management” techniques, meaning the problems at hand can only be solved by integrating strategies that control the different conditions of the job.

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Barnes Wildlife Control LLC has been in the wildlife control business for a long time. With our experience offering animal removal services, we have combined several different points of animal removal abatement methods together, which have proven to be successful in our experienced business practice. Our team keeps up to date every year on the latest environmentally friendly techniques of professional wildlife control. We can solve anything related to pest animal removal and infestation. Nothing is beyond the scope of our experience with nuisance wildlife control, and that is why you should choose Barnes Wildlife Control LLC for your pest animal removal and wildlife control needs around Dayton, OH. We treat our valued customers fairly and with respect, making us the #1 choice for Dayton wildlife removal.

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