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Dead animals can become a nuisance to homeowners by stinking up their property. Most people can handle these issues on their own, but when the dead animal is in an area that is difficult to access then professional assistance is often needed. Once the dead animal is removed, the wildlife removal specialist should sanitize the area so no bacteria is allowed to build up. Dead animal removal can be a nasty process, especially if the animal has been decayed over a long period of time. Maggots commonly infest the dead animal carcass which can make the process even more disgusting. Its nothing that a wildlife control technician has not seen before, thankfully.

Dead Animal Removal From Residential Properties

Dead animals are a common nuisance to homeowners in suburban areas. Opossums, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, and other nuisance wildlife will seek a dark and lonely place to die usually. This often lands the animal underneath someones deck or shed. Wildlife removal can often be a nasty job, and these service calls are usually the most unsanitary things we in the wildlife removal industry encounter. Sanitation of the area where the deal animal lies is an important step in providing a complete service. Call a wildlife removal company listed in your area for dead animal removal services.

Cost For Dead Animal Removal


Dead animals can be a nasty situation to deal with, wether you've done it a million times or not. Wildlife removal companies will charge a service fee based on where the dead animal is located, how far away the property is, and what type of animal it is. Removing a dead opossum will obviously be less than removing a dead deer. Fees can range between $100-$400 for servicing a property for dead animal removal services. Call an animal removal company listed in your area today for dead animal removal.