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Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is licensed and insured to provide the best wildlife removal in Dublin Ohio. We take care of your wildlife problems by utilizing professional equipment, including steel cage traps and exclusion material. We provide services to homeowners in Dublin including bat removal from the attic, raccoon removal from the attic, skunk removal from under decks, mole removal from yards, squirrel removal from your home, and bird removal services.

Our technicians are highly trained in wildlife removal services and can handle all aspects of wildlife problems. To solve various types of problems, we may offer services such as animal proofing. This involves repairing holes in the roof, which were damaged by pest animals. Also, we offer attic cleaning and complete attic restoration in situations where the critters have made a mess in your attic. All services are completed with your safety and satisfaction in mind.

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Raccoon Removal Dublin Ohio – Removal Of Raccoons In The Attic

Raccoons are capable of causing thousands of dollars in damages to a home in only a short period of time. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions handles raccoon problems in Dublin Ohio with haste because of the fact they are so damaging to a home. When raccoons are in your attic they will tear up your insulation, and also dispel droppings in “bathroom areas” where raccoons pick a designated spot in the attic to urinate and shed droppings. Buckeye Wildlife handles raccoon removal in Dublin by setting traps in the areas where the raccoons are traveling the most. Catching all the raccoons in the neighborhood is not our goal, and is a common question we get – how are we sure the raccoons we catch are the one’s causing the problems? We seldom catch more than 3-4 raccoons on raccoon removal jobs, simply because we will catch them in a 2-3 day period where the raccoons that are active will be traveling through the areas the most, and ultimately be the raccoons that are captured in our humane live cage traps. Call Buckeye Wildlife for raccoon removal Dublin OH.


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Bat Removal Dublin Ohio – Removal Of Bats From Attic, Chimney, and Belfry

Bat control services are a specialized field within the animal control industry, and should only be attempted by a trained professional. Unlike most wildlife control services in Dublin OH, bat removal is based on humane “live exclusion” meaning the bats will be able to fly out of the structure unharmed and not be able to regain access to the Dublin home. Bats will usually infest the attic area of a home in the Dublin Ohio area, other times they will be roosting on the outside section of a vent leading to the attic. Bats find their way into homes by utilizing their sonar hearing to detect drafts coming from entry gaps on the structure. This is why Buckeye Wildlife, or any Dublin OH wildlife control company should make sure to seal up the entire building during bat exclusion, and then put up the 1-way bat removal devices over the main entry. Whatever the situation, Buckeye Wildlife technicians have been thoroughly trained in bat removal services for the Dublin area. We use proven methods to rid the bats from your attic for good, and our services always come with a written warranty. Call Buckeye Wildlife today for bat removal in Dublin Ohio.

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Attic Cleanup Services Dublin Ohio – We Make Your Attic Healthy Again

Nuisance animals such as raccoons and bats can often shed a lot of fecal matter in your attic, and will burrow through insulation creating damages to the R-value of your insulation. The process of attic restoration in Dublin will be done by removing all the damaged insulation, sanitizing the attic, scrubbing boards in your attic to rid the scent, and placing in new improved insulation. Buckeye Wildlife is licensed to sell a product known as TAP insulation, and this is the best insulation to replace in your attic because it carries a high R-Value, it’s blown in, so you will get better coverage, and most importantly TAP insulation is actually pest control insulation which eliminates unwanted insects in your attic.

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Eliminating Wildlife Scent Is Key – Something To Think About For Dublin Homeowners

Something that often goes unnoticed, or not thought about, is the scent the animals leave behind in the attic once the wildlife removal professionals remove the animals. During attic cleanup, Buckeye Wildlife Solutions makes sure to leave no stone unturned when it comes to eliminating the wildlife scent from your attic. This is because the scent will actually attract more nuisance wildlife animals in the future. A home with raccoon or bat scent left un-sanitized is 10x more likely to have infestation problems in the future. We make sure the scent is gone by scrubbing boards in the attic after all the insulation is taken out. We will also sanitize areas on the outside of the home to wipe out the smell completely. See, most insulation removal companies do not take this into consideration, and simply do not know the hazards of leaving wildlife scent behind in an attic space. We have personally seen situations where people do not want to make the extra expense for getting the attic completely sanitized, and they will end up paying for it later when that stray raccoon comes along and rips a hole in the roof. So call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions today for attic restoration due to wildlife damages in Dublin Ohio, we are experienced in preventing future wildlife problems in your home and providing the best customer service in Dublin OH for wildlife removal services.