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Raccoon Removal Services In Florence South Carolina

Palmetto Wildlife Extractors Of Florence SC can take care of all your raccoon removal needs. Keeping raccoons out of a home is not as straight forward as some people may believe. First we must trap the raccoons, using the proper baits and methods. Palmetto Wildlife Extractors Of Florence covers all aspects of raccoon removal including

1. Attic clean up after the raccoons have been removed from the building.

2. Sealing up the entry holes / repairing the damage the raccoons had caused by animal proofing the areas.

3. Removing the raccoons in a timely, professional manner without the hassle of trying to trap a raccoon for weeks on end without success.

Palmetto Wildlife Extractors uses multiple different methods for raccoon removal in Florence SC depending on the situation & where the raccoons are entering the infested structure. When we perform raccoon proofing, we need to use strong and durable materials that a raccoon can’t get through. We commonly will install sheet metal over the open raccoon holes and secure it with screws & washers. To make sure the raccoons can’t get their grimy little fingers around the sheet metal, we will run a bead of clear caulking around it. This will reinforce the strength of the sealant job, and will likely prevent any future raccoon problems in that area.

Florence Raccoon Removal page: Photo of a caged raccoon

Full-home raccoon exclusions is an optional service we offer to homeowners who never want to have raccoons again. The raccoon exclusion would come with a warranty depending on the building and how many areas were sealed up during the raccoon exclusion process. Call Palmetto Wildlife Extractors of Florence SC today for raccoon removal from the attic services, attic restoration / raccoon waste clean up from the attic & full-home raccoon exclusion.

Why Did The Raccoons Choose My Home To Invade and Destroy?

The answer is simple: raccoons are very opportunistic creatures. In Springtime in Florence, SC, female raccoons will be pregnant with their litter of babies and will search for a safe harborage to birth offspring. They will often choose people’s homes because, in their minds, it is isolated enough, warm and dark, with no potential predators.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there in the wild for the raccoons. Male raccoons are actually one of the biggest threats to a mother raccoon and her babies. The males will kill the baby raccoons in attempting to put the female back into heat. Palmetto Wildlife Extractors takes advantage of this raccoon habit by utilizing our raccoon eviction liquid when mother raccoons are in a home with babies. Sometimes, the eviction paste will work, but you are also running the risk that the mother raccoon might return the following year, and she will. Eviction paste is not 100% effective.

We much prefer trapping and removal methods for handling a raccoon problem in Florence, SC. Raccoon eviction fluid is made up of male raccoon essence. You can take the eviction liquid or paste, rub some on a tennis ball, and throw it into the attic where the mother and her young reside. Getting several tennis balls up there to cover the entire attic with the male raccoon scent is important. When the female raccoon smells this, she will immediately start thinking about relocating her young or finding another spot in the home.

In most situations in Florence, it might be easier to trap the raccoons and remove the young by hand. We use this method more commonly because it poses less risk of a continued problem. However, eviction liquid be a very humane way of raccoon removal in Florence because the mother raccoon will simply carry away her babies and go back out into the wild, instead of being in your home. 

Florence Raccoon Removal page page:  Photo of gable vent damage caused by a raccoon

Many times people will actually end up noticing they have a raccoon problem in their attic by hearing the raccoon pups chattering above. Contact Palmetto Wildlife Extractors for raccoon removal & control services in Florence SC. We are fully licensed & insured through the state of SC for raccoon removal from the attic services.

Raccoon Trapping For Florence SC Homeowners: How To Trap & Remove Raccoons

Squirrel removal is done by placing nuisance animal control traps in the most commonly used travel routes by the squirrels. If the wildlife removal specialist can identify the point of entry of the nuisance squirrels, a one-way squirrel trap may be installed over that hole. This method will capture the squirrels as they are exiting the entry hole. The Florence South Carolina wildlife control specialist working with Palmetto Wildlife Extractors should also take a look in the attic for further squirrel damage, and any baby squirrels which are commonly found in the springtime. The most concerning hazard with having squirrels in the attic space is the fact they tend to chew on electrical wires. This can be a fire hazard if the squirrels cause a short while chewing on the electrical cord. This would cause sparks to go flying, and potentially igniting the surrounding insulation or nesting material the squirrels had dragged into the attic. Attic cleanup is sometimes necessary when squirrels have made a mess of things in the attic. This is also a service Palmetto Wildlife Extractors can offer. Attic restoration will involve cleaning up all the squirrel droppings in the attic and also any contaminated insulation. Attic cleanup is more prevalent when squirrels have been infesting the attic area for prolonged periods of time. Nuisance squirrels should be removed in a timely manner due to the amount of damage squirrels can cause in a short period of time. A fun fact about squirrels is their teeth can grow between 5-8 inches every year, but since they are constantly chewing they wear their teeth down. Call Palmetto Wildlife Extractors for professional squirrel removal from the attic services in Florence SC.

Florence Raccoon Removal page page:  Photo of a mother raccoon trapped and her babies humanely captured