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Mole Trapping and Removal From The Yard and Lawn

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Mole removal is something many people have problems with in the USA. Moles can cause significant turf damage over short periods of time. Removing nuisance moles is something many companies on this wildlife control directory can provide both residential and commercial customers. If you are having a mole problem, scroll through my directory to find a local wildlife control business. Mole problems never go away or simply resolve by themselves, you need a professional to take care of any mole problems you are experiencing on your property.

There is no long term solution to keep moles out of your lawn because they travel underground. If another problem arrises you will simply have to hire a company to come back out and remove the nuisance moles again. Call a nuisance wildlife control expert today for mole removal services in the United States Of America.

How To Do Mole Trapping By Yourself page: Photo of a Trapped Mole
How To Do Mole Trapping By Yourself page: Photo of a handful of Trapped Moles
How To Do Mole Trapping By Yourself page: Photo of the Mole Whacker Trap and some trapped moles

The Mole Whacker Trap is the most uncomplicated scissor mole trap design on the market but still provides maximum effectiveness while allowing the trigger plate to be easily adjusted up for various soil conditions.

Cost For Mole Removal From The Yard / Lawn

Cost for mole removal will depend on how many moles need trapped and removed and also the techniques different companies use for mole control services. Generally speaking there will be a trap set up fee which can range between $150 – $300 depending on the area & company. Many wildlife control business that perform mole trapping have a per mole charge once the moles are captured. This fee is usually charged at the end of the mole job and can cost between $30-$80 per mole captured.

Wildlife removal and mole trapping professionals will commonly use commercial mole traps or pesticide mole worms. If mole worms are used make sure the business possesses a commercial pesticide license. You do not want an unlicensed company to service your mole problem.

Mole Removal Methods Used By The Professionals

Mole removal is most commonly done by using nuisance wildlife mole traps. There are a variety of trap types including the no-mole trap, victor mole traps, talpirid mole traps, out-o-site mole traps, and many others. Mole trapping is performed by placing the mole traps in the main travel tunnels the moles are using to commute back and forth through the lawn. Moles can dig up to 300 ft of new tunnels a day. This is why the mole problem should be addressed with haste to capture them and prevent further damage to your yard / lawn.

There is also another method that can be used by licensed companies with pesticide licenses. This mole control method involves planting poisonous mole worms in the tunnels. The nuisance moles will consume these worms are die from the poison located inside the worms. These worms are similar in consistency with real earth worms, so the moles usually cannot tell a difference when they are consuming the worms.

Make sure the business you hire has commercial pesticide licenses before allowing them to use these poisonous worms for mole removal services. Scroll through my wildlife control directory to find a mole removal company in your area.

How To Trap Moles By Yourself – The Do-It-Yourself Mole Removal Guide

Some people cannot afford to hire a professional mole removal company, or simply prefer to deal with their own problems, and need to learn how to do mole trapping by themselves. I would suggest researching youtube videos to learn how to trap moles by yourself – but I can also explain the mole removal process through writing.

First of all you will need to purchase a set of mole traps. Those can usually be found in general hardware stores such as Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowes, and some grocery stores will sometimes carry commercial mole traps available to the do-it-yourself homeowners for mole removal. You need to dig a small hole where the mole tunnel is located, set the mole trap you are using, and then create a “bridge” to go underneath the pan of the mole trap. When the nuisance moles travel through the tunnel they will dig through the bridge underneath the pan and set the mole trap off.

For more information on how to remove nuisance wildlife moles by yourself I recommend researching youtube videos.

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