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Wildlife Removal Services We Provide In Lehighton PA

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control are your Lehighton wildlife removal professionals. We have many years of experience dealing with nuisance animal problems, and look forward to serving our customers in Lehighton with professional services of wildlife removal, raccoon removal, squirrel removal, bat removal, skunk removal, groundhog removal, and other species of nuisance wildlife residing in Lehighton PA. Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control is dedicated to serving it’s clients with professional customer service and guaranteed wildlife removal services. No job is too big, and no job is too small for Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control, so give us a call today for all your wildlife removal concerns in Lehighton PA. We are licensed through the state of Pennsylvania for wildlife control services, and also insured in case of any accidental damage caused to your home.

All wildlife removal services contracted with Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control come with a written guarantee. We have a success rate of 100% dealing with nuisance wildlife problems, and take pride in providing an affordable service to our clients in LehightonPA. So no matter if you have raccoons in your attic, or bats in your chimney, give Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control of Lehighton a call today! We have over 20 years of experience with removing and excluding nuisance animals from homes around Lehighton Pennsylvania. We work hard to keep our customers in Lehighton satisfied with our wildlife removal services, and look forward to adding you to our pleased customers. Call today for Lehighton PA wildlife removal service.

Raccoon Removal Pennsylvania – Lehighton

When someone has raccoons in their attic it should be a pretty obvious reason to call out the professionals. Raccoons are able to cause a multitude of damages to a structure over a very short period of time. Trapping the raccoons is one thing, but keeping them out of the home permanently is something Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control of Lehighton is obligated to do. Raccoon removal in Lehighton should not be attempted by homeowners just trying to save a buck, because it can come back to bite them in the end, sometimes literally! Trapping raccoons is not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot that goes into this work at times and raccoon removal is something only a trained professional should handle in Lehighton Pennsylvania. Raccoon removal from the attic should be done by setting wildlife control traps on the ground or roof, depending on the situation. Setting traps on the roof can be an advantage because it’s not likely we will catch raccoons just passing through the area, although given the circumstances there may not be many raccoons in that particular area because raccoons are very territorial and will chase others away from the building if they try to come near. Attic restoration is sometimes a required service after the raccoons have been living inside an attic over prolonged periods of time. Attic restoration is basically just a fancy word for attic clean up, which involves removing the raccoon feces and contaminated insulation. Attic restoration is something Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control can offer to our clients in Lehighton Pennsylvania. Call Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control for raccoon removal from attic services in Lehighton PA.

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Bat Removal Lehighton Pennsylvania

Bats are a very common call we get all year round. Usually noises or scratches are heard in the attic area, or the bats themselves show up inside the living quarters of the home. If your are experiencing these problems or suspect a bat problem in Lehighton Pennsylvania please give Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control a call to do a bat inspection of the home. We will look for evidence of bats in the attic area if there is access, and inspect the exterior of the home for the areas the bats are using to gain access into to the house. If a bat problem is found we use what’s called “live bat exclusion” to rid the dwelling of the bats. What’s done in this process is the exterior of the home is checked over throughly and any secondary access areas the bats may potentially use to regain access are sealed or wired off. On the holes the bats are using as their main entryways we install a one-way bat exclusion door we fabricate on site. This allows the bats to humanly exit the house unharmed, going on their natural feeding pattern, but not be able to reenter the home. Attic restoration is a common service we provide to homeowners in Lehighton PA because bats are able to accumulate a lot of guano in an attic, and the odor can be intense at times. One bat is capable of excreting 10 droppings every day, so just imaging if you have a colony of bats in your attic and the problem has been going on for a while. No matter the situation, you can call us for attic clean out service in LehightonPennsylvania. It does take years of experience to get a trained eye for bat exclusion and Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control has many years of experience doing this wor

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Squirrel Removal Lehighton Pennsylvania

Squirrels are common invaders of the attic. They will chew holes on the outside of homes in Lehighton PA and find their way into the attic. When squirrels are in the attic, many times they will chew on the electrical wires. This is a concern for homeowners because when squirrels chew on wires it can be a fire hazard. Around 30-40% of attic fires in the US are actually caused by nuisance squirrels. Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control handles squirrel problems in Lehighton by setting squirrel traps in the areas where the squirrels are traveling most. Sometimes traps can actually be put over the entry holes where squirrels are coming in and out. These kinds of traps can catch multiple squirrels at once, but will only catch the squirrels that are currently in the building. At times there can be squirrels on the outside of the home during time of installment of the traps over the holes, and this is a situation where we will put open traps around the holes so the squirrels on the outside can be caught. If those squirrels are not trapped, and only the ones currently on the inside, the squirrels that are left loose will chew their way back into the home, even when their original entries have been blocked off. Attic cleanup is sometimes a service that can be necessary with squirrel infestations. Squirrels that are in the attic of a home will burrow all through the present insulation, chew electrical cords, and spread their fecal matter throughout the attic. If squirrels have been chewing on electrical wires we will refer you over to an electrician that can take care of the problem of fixing the damaged wires.

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Bird Removal Lehighton Pennsylvania

Birds have high levels of infestation around Lehighton PA. Birds which are infesting an attic will build large nests and lay their eggs as well. Nuisance bird problems in the attic are resolved by putting up netting or other bird deterrents over the birds main point of entry into the attic. Bird exclusion is a term we use to describe the live removal of nuisance birds from an attic, and then sealing off any other likely entries the birds might try to use after they cannot get back in the original entry points. Bird removal from the attic is not an easy process, and should be treated with haste because of the amount of damage the nuisance birds can cause to an attic. Attic cleanup can be applied to bird infestation situations due to the amount of guano birds can produce inside the attic. Attic cleanup can be done but generally speaking a full clean out will be necessary instead of a partial clean out with birds, simply because birds will spread fecal matter throughout the attic instead of one particular area like raccoons do. Attic restoration will consist of removing all the contaminated insulation, cleaning out the feces, and then sanitizing the attic and putting in new insulation. Bird feces can be very hazardous due to the spores of bacteria that can develop on the feces over time. Anyone going inside a bird infested attic should wear a respirator to avoid breathing in any of these harmful spores of bacteria. Sometimes insurance companies will cover the clean out process when birds have been infesting your attic. You must specify the problem as “the birds have damaged my insulation” to the insurance companies, because they will commonly not cover the damages when it is described as purely fecal matter / droppings. Contact Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control today for bird removal services in Lehighton PA.

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