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New Jersey homeowners commonly need wildlife control services on their property / home to rid different nuisance animals such as raccoons, bats, birds, squirrels, skunks, moles, and other nuisance creatures inhabiting New Jersey. These New Jersey wildlife removal companies can help you with any nuisance animal problem you are experiencing. We as wildlife control operators know it can be frustrating to have a nuisance wildlife animal infesting your home and property, but sometimes patience is needed for us to do our job correctly. It can sometimes take several days – or even weeks to completely solve the wildlife removal job. No matter how good or experienced the wildlife control technician, we all run into problems along the way of controlling nuisance animals. These New Jersey animal removal businesses can provide the services of bat removal, raccoon removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal, mole control, dead animal removal / sanitation, animal damage repair, and attic clean up / restoration services.

New Jersey Bat Removal From Homes, Attics Churches, & Commercial Buildings

Bat control is a process of excluding nuisance wildlife bats from a building without any harm coming to the bats. Live-exclusion is the only legal way to get rid of a bat problem in New Jersey, and the rest of the US for that matter. Wildlife removal professionals will first inspect the structure with the nuisance bat issue, and then come up with a control strategy to safely remove the bats. Bat removal can be a risky process due to different angles that are occasionally difficult to reach and balancing on ladders around these bat infested spots. It is important to ask your bat removal company if they are licensed & insured. I make sure of this before listing any bat control businesses on my national animal removal directory. Bat removal can be progressively tricky because open gaps are always discovered as the bat exclusion expert is working on the job. Usually a flat rate fee is given out to the customer for performing the New Jersey bat removal job. The estimate for New Jersey bat control services will depend on 1. The size of the bat infested structure, 2. How large of a colony is in the building, 3. And lastly how many ares need bat sealant. 

New Jersey Wildlife Removal page: Photo of a bat

A very important aspect of correctly performing a New Jersey bat control job is providing the client with detail oriented sealant work. This is especially important because bats can fit through a crack not wider than half an inch, and they also possess sonar hearing which allows the nuisance bats to hear the drafts exiting construction gaps on the building. A warranty may or may not be provided depending on the severity of the nuisance wildlife bat infestation in the home, and also wether the bats are accessing a large area such as an attic, or a single area like a chimney. Most New Jersey animal control companies can also provide the services of attic clean up / decontamination of the attic space and make your attic like new again. Call for New Jersey bat removal services.

New Jersey Raccoon Removal From Homes, Attics, Churches, & Commercial Buildings

Raccoon removal from the attic in New Jersey is a common problem many homeowners in New Jersey experience. Call a wildlife removal professional listed in your area today for expert raccoon removal services in the state of New Jersey. Raccoons frequently are able to access the attic space of a home by climbing on the roof using overhanging trees, gutter spouts, siding, and even power lines in rare occasions. They are very smart and dexterous creatures that have adapted very well to urban human environments. They survive by feeding out of trashcans, dumpsters, and anything they think is edible. Female raccoons will commonly seek harborage in New Jersey attics in order to have a safe place to birth her raccoon pups in the spring. Wildlife removal businesses are the most busy during these spring months because the same aspect of birthing is also true for many other nuisance wildlife creatures living in New Jersey. Finding several raccoons in an attic is not uncommon, due to the fact raccoons will congregate in gender specific groups. You may find a large band of male raccoons, or females. There are almost never mixed groups with both gender of raccoons. The male raccoon only contributes to the life of the pups by mating, they never stick around for the duration of raising the young raccoons. Males will actually kill baby raccoons if given the chance, this would allow the mother raccoon to go back into heat. 

New Jersey Wildlife Removal page: Photo of a raccoon

New Jersey raccoon removal is performed by nuisance wildlife control operators by setting raccoon removal traps in the most frequently used travel routes by the nuisance raccoons. Pricing on raccoon removal depends on what all is involved on the job, – repairs, animal proofing, attic clean up ect. Call today for professional wildlife removal & raccoon control services in the state of New Jersey. All companies listed on this directory are licensed & insured in case of an accident.

New Jersey Squirrel Removal From Homes, Attics, Churches, & Commercial Structures

Squirrels are one of the more common nuisance animal species found in the state of New Jersey. Wildlife control operators handle nuisance squirrel issues by placing squirrel removal traps near or over the entry point the nuisance squirrels created. A hazard with having nuisance squirrels in the attic, chimney, or crawl space is they tend to drag in loose & dry nesting material. Combined with the fact many squirrel tend to chew on electrical wires and cause sparks to go flying, it is a recipe of a fire hazard. It is estimated that about 40% of fires originating from the attic in the U.S. are due to squirrels and other rodents wire chewing. Clean up of the squirrel nesting material should be done to avoid any future fire hazards in the attic. Even with no nesting material present- remediation of the insulation should be done when there has been a long term squirrel infestation. Insulation removal becomes necessary because squirrels will spread urine and fecal matter in different areas scattered throughout the attic. Another factor that many people do not consider is the scent the squirrels leave behind when they borrow through insulation. This will surely attract other nuisance animals to the attic even after the squirrels are evicted. It is attractive because other animals know at one time that another animal was able to gain access to that particular attic. At least that is the theory. 99% of the time people who do not have their attic cleaned or sanitized end of with more nuisance wildlife problems within 2 years. Call a New Jersey wildlife removal professional today for New Jersey squirrel removal services.

New Jersey Wildlife Removal page: Photo of gray squirrels

New Jersey Bird Removal From Homes, Attics, Chimneys, Churches, & Business Buildings

Birds become a nuisance wildlife pest to New Jersey homeowners when they infest areas on a home such as attics, chimneys, soffits, dryer vents, attic vents, and other areas. Nuisance bird removal jobs can be difficult at times. The wildlife removal specialist will perform the bird job by installing one-way bird exclusion mechanisms that serve to provide the birds with an exit, and when they return to the area they would be unable to regain entry and successfully excluded. New Jersey bird removal should be done with meticulous sealant work and warrantied wildlife control services. Contact the New Jersey company listed in your area for details of their bird removal services and also the warranty / guarantee they provide to homeowners with birds in the attic. The entire building should be inspected for construction gaps where nuisance birds may be able to re-enter once they are removed. The materials professional wildlife technicians use should generally last for several years, despite 1-2 year warranties which are sometimes offered to the homeowners. Attic remediation sometimes goes hand in hand with bird infestations. When birds infest the attic of the New Jersey home they will almost always shed large amounts of fecal matter and drag in dry nesting material. This can be a risk to your health and well being, because dry nesting material is a fire hazard when found in the attic space. Bird fecal matter is also very dangerous because it carries many diseases within the waste and can also develop harmful spores of bacteria over long periods of time which can potentially be inhaled by humans and cause sickness. Call a New Jersey wildlife removal business today for expert New Jersey bird removal. All wildlife control businesses on this website are licensed professionals.

New Jersey Wildlife Removal page: Photo of bird feces in an attic

New Jersey Skunk Removal From Residential Structures & Properties

Skunks inhabit New Jersey homeowners properties usually by infesting areas such as decks, patios, and outbuildings. Nuisance skunks are controlled by wildlife removal operators utilizing the techniques of professional New Jersey skunk removal. Wildlife control animal traps will be set in the most frequently traveled areas by the wildlife skunks. Removing the nuisance skunks off the property is the first step, but you as a homeowner need to be sure you never have a skunk problem again by asking your wildlife removal company if they can provide the services of skunk exclusions. This process involves installing heavy duty wire around the main entrances the skunks were using to gain access to the structure. Sometimes an entire deck needs to be wired off along the sides to ensure no nuisance animals can invade in the future. Ask your New Jersey skunk control experts about skunk exclusion. There are many aspects of properly controlling & removing nuisance wildlife skunks from someones property. First the wildlife control operator needs to be sure the skunk traps are steady and not at all wobbly. If the trap is on uneven ground and wobbles, the skunks will likely not enter the traps. The proper bait and lure should also be utilized on the New Jersey skunk removal job. Skunks love sweet food and candy such as snickers bars, marshmallows, fruits, and other different sweet items to eat. There should be a little bit of bait located on the outside of the traps to give the nuisance wildlife skunks a small taste, and then put the prize way in the back of the wildlife control traps. This will be irresistible for any nuisance skunk.

New Jersey Wildlife Removal page: Photo of a caged skunk

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