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New York Wildlife Removal Services – General Info

Animal removal is a common service New York homeowners need to rid nuisance wildlife off their properties. This directory is a national list of wildlife professionals, and I have personally contacted these companies to see how they run their companies and I know after talking to them that they can provide quality animal removal services in a timely manner. Wildlife removal is not an easy profession and the “experts” are the one’s who do nuisance wildlife control work as a career. These New York companies are full time wildlife removal professionals. They can provide the services of raccoon removal, squirrel removal, bird removal, bat removal, and other nuisance animal species. Email Luke to schedule an appointment with a New York Wildlife Control Company, you’ll be glad you did. New York wildlife removal businesses are only a call away from solving your animal problem.


New York Bat Removal From The Attic

New York was the first state that the disease “white nose syndrome” was found and it killed nearly all of the little brown bats. Back then before the disease spread, little brown bats were the main nuisance bats to invade attics and chimneys. Since the population of little browns has gone down, the big brown bats have seemed to take over. Big brown bats were not affected by the disease as much because they tend to roost in smaller colonies and do not spread the disease as quickly. Most colonies have stayed healthy and continue to grow in numbers every year. Bat removal is not for amateurs, and you should call a bat removal company out and have them inspect your property for signs of a bat infestation. Bat removal can be a long daunting task. One-way exclusion valves would be put in place, and then the entire home / structure needs to be completely sealed to keep the bats out. All wildlife removal companies with Pro-Animal-Control can provide a warranty on the bat control job.

Hazards With Bat Guano

Removal of the offending nuisance bats is one thing, but the waste / feces they leave behind can be potentially harmful to your health. Over time the guano can develop bacteria, and the spores of this bacteria can be inhaled by humans and cause sickness. The most common disease people catch from bat waste is histoplasmosis. Attic remediation / clean up of the attic or crawl space may be necessary to obtain optimal safety for you and your family. This is a service most New York wildlife removal companies can provide, except you will have to speak with the company listed to get a full understanding of their services. Call a wildlife professional today for attic clean up / remediation of nuisance wildlife bat guano & soiled insulation.

New York Wildlife Removal page: Photo of a bat

New York Raccoon Removal From The Attic

Raccoons are intelligent animals and are mainly nocturnal. Their diets consist of garbage in populated areas, and in the country raccoons will feed on corn fields, fish, crawfish, and occasionally livestock such as chickens. New York has a high population of raccoons in the wild. Raccoons have also adapted very well to urban environments by feeding off trash cans and breaking into homeowners attics for shelter. Raccoon removal is done by placing open wildlife control traps in the nuisance raccoons greatest path of travel. Traps may be placed on the ground, roof, and occasionally the attic area. When animal removal traps are placed on the ground there is a higher chance of catching off target nuisance species such as skunks or opossums.

Hazards With Raccoon Feces / Droppings

Raccoon fecal matter commonly carries parasites known as round worm eggs. These eggs are microscopic and can penetrate human skin. The eggs are shed through raccoon droppings from a raccoon that has the round worm parasite already inside them. The worms will lay their eggs in the digestion tracts of the raccoon and this is how round worm eggs become transferred through droppings. Remediation / clean up is a service people request when there are raccoon droppings in their attic or crawl space. Wildlife removal professionals can often offer attic remediation services. Contact the New York animal removal company listed in your area to see if they provide attic clean up due to raccoon droppings in your attic or crawl space.

New York Wildlife Removal page: Photo of a raccoon

New York Bird Removal From The Attic, Chimney, Or Crawl Space

Birds infest a structure by utilizing construction gaps which were created by the nuisance birds themselves, wood rot, another nuisance wildlife animal, or other factors nature can present. Wildlife removal is a complicated job at times, and experience is important when doing a New York bird removal job. Email Luke to have a wildlife control expert contacted to assess your bird problem. Removal of nuisance wildlife birds is performed by placing a one-way bird exclusion device over the bird main entry / exit space they are utilizing. This will allow the nuisance birds to leave the property unharmed – and when they return to the entry area they will not be able to get back inside due to the one-way bird exclusion device. This is why the device is referred to as “one-way” – where the birds only have one way out of the structure.

Hazards With Bird Droppings

Bird feces is especially hazardous when they dispel large amounts in the attic area. Bird feces can cause sickness in people from bacteria and parasites found in the bird waste. Wildlife removal professionals in New York can often provide the services of attic clean up due to bird droppings in the attic space. Attic remediation becomes necessary when there has been a long term bird infestation. Attic remediation is done by removing all soiled insulation, bird feces, and replacing the old insulation with new. Call a New York wildlife control company to inquire about attic remediation services due to wildlife bird fecal matter in the attic or crawl space. Not all wildlife removal companies do this, so contact the business listed in your area to get a better understanding of their services. The birds must first be excluded before the attic clean up is done.

New York Wildlife Removal page: Photo of a bird feces in an attic

New York Squirrel Removal

Squirrels can gain entrance to a home by chewing holes around dormers, feca boards, and soffit areas. Squirrel removal is a frequent service call wildlife removal businesses encounter. If you have squirrels in your attic, chimney, or crawl space call a New York animal removal company to take care of your squirrel problem. Squirrel removal is done by installing a one-way exclusion trap over the squirrels main entry / exit area. When there has been a prolonged infestation of nuisance squirrels in an attic or crawl space the New York wildlife removal company may mention having an attic clean out done. Squirrels drag in nesting material from outside, and commonly chew on wires in the attic. This can be a fire hazard. Squirrel removal should be done in a timely manner so additional damage can be avoided. Email Luke for professional squirrel removal services in the state of New York.

New York Wildlife Removal page: Photo of a caged gray squirrel

New York Skunk Removal

Skunk removal is performed by placing nuisance animal removal traps in the most frequently used travel routes by the nuisance wildlife skunks. Skunks commonly will seek harborage underneath decks, patios, sheds, and other outbuildings. Sometimes the animal removal expert can set a positive trap over the skunk main entry exit area. The skunks would be forced to exit the structure through the trap which was placed over the entry area. No matter your nuisance wildlife animal situation, the companies listed on this directory can help. When a skunk has offspring it can be difficult to trap all of the skunks out. Squirrel traps are sometimes used to capture small baby skunks. This is because the baby skunks are too light to set off a full sized skunk trap. Email Luke to have a wildlife removal specialist provide skunk removal services in the state of New York.

New York Wildlife Removal page: Photo of a caged skunk

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