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There are many nuisance animal species that we in the wildlife control industry encounter. Raccoons, bats, birds, squirrels, skunks, groundhogs, and opossums are common pests in the central american region. Wildlife removal is not an easy job, and we as wildlife control operators must keep updated on the latest control tactics in order to keep up with the most effective methods available for us to use. This is a directory of skilled wildlife removal operators that can service your pest animal issue. Along with controlling these pests, many of these businesses can also tell you if there are any additional problems that need addressed. Many people have mice / other rodents in the attic and do not even know it. Homeowners should have their attic inspected by someone periodically.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoon trapping is usually done by setting live cage traps either on the ground or the roof. Traps should be set in the most commonly used travel routes of the raccoons. Raccoon issues must be dealt with quickly to avoid additional damage.

Bat Removal


Bats infest a structure by finding small and hard to see construction gaps. Bats find these areas by utilizing their sonar hearing to hear drafts coming out of these construction gaps. This is why the home must be fully sealed when performing a bat exclusion.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels commonly gain entry to a home by chewing feca boards or around dormers. Traps should be set either over the entry hole, or on the roof in the most commonly used travel routes of the squirrels. 

Bird Removal

Birds invade homeowners attics usually by flying through an exposed vent. Dryer vents are especially common infestation areas for birds. European Starlings and sparrows are the main nuisance bird species. Exclusion netting is used to evict nuisance birds.

Groundhog Removal

Groundhogs become a nuisance wildlife pest when they burrow their tunnels in peoples yards and around foundations. Groundhog control is done by setting traps either over top the tunnel entries or setting open cage traps in common travel sections.

Opossum Removal


Opossums are normally docile creatures who frequently seek shelter in homeowners yards, typically underneath a deck or outbuilding. Opossum trapping is done by setting open cage traps with the proper bait in the most frequent route of travel by the opossums.

Skunk Removal

The most common hazard with having skunks in the area is their extreme scent from spraying occurrences. Dogs seem to be the most common spray victim of any because they harass the skunk out of curiosity and end up getting blasted. 

Rodent Removal

Rodents come in all shapes and sizes. A lot of times people discover they have a rodent infestation in the attic area. Control tactics can vary depending on the type of rodent. When rodents infest the attic area they should either be trapped or poisoned using rodenticide stations.