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Wildlife Removal Services in Ohio – General Info

Ohio’s nuisance wildlife species consists of raccoons, bats, birds, squirrels, groundhogs, opossums, flying squirrels, mice / rats, and a few other nuisance creatures. Ohio wildlife control companies can help you with any nuisance animals that are infesting your home. Raccoons, bats, birds, and squirrels are Ohio’s most common nuisance wildlife species. Eradication of these nuisance pests is something that an Ohio wildlife control company can help you with. Solving nuisance animal problems is a matter of understanding wildlife behavior and biology in order to utilize the most efficient control methods. Wildlife removal is a service that many people in Ohio’s suburban areas require due to the nature of these problems people have with nuisance wildlife destroying their homes. Call an Ohio nuisance wildlife control business listed in your area today for professional wildlife removal.


Ohio Bat Removal

Many homes in Ohio have bat infestations in the attic. Wildlife control companies are the only one’s who know how to properly perform a bat removal job. Bat control should not be attempted by amateurs because all bats are protected under federal law, and if you do an exclusion job wrong it can potentially kill multiple bats. Animal control companies in Ohio commonly use one-way exclusion valves to remove bats from an attic. The wildlife removal company will install these one-way bat removal tubes over the bats main entry / exit points. After that is completed, the entire structure must be inspected for additional areas that bats can enter. Bats enter a gap by utilizing their sonar hearing to hear drafts coming out of construction gaps. Bats are very clever and talented at finding additional areas to enter after they have been excluded from the original entrance. Bat removal jobs can be expensive at times, averaging between $1500-$5000. The bat removal estimate depends on how large the building is, how many areas need sealing work done, and also the size of the bat colony. Attic remediation sometimes is a necessary service to provide to homeowners with bat problems because nuisance bats commonly shed large amounts of bat guano in the attic which can be a potential biohazard when the bat feces develops bacteria. Call an Ohio bat removal company today for all your bat control needs. Expert bat control companies listed in Ohio.

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Ohio Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are one of the most destructive nuisance wildlife pest. They can climb onto a homeowners roof from gutter spouts, corners, and from overhanging trees leaning over top the roof. Once on the roof, raccoons tend to target dormer areas and soffits in order to access an attic. Pregnant female raccoons will commonly seek harborage in an attic to birth her young. When raccoons invade your Ohio home, you need a professional Ohio wildlife control company to assist you. Raccoon removal is done by setting open traps in the most frequent route of travel by the raccoons. Traps are usually set on the ground, but some companies choose to set raccoon traps on the roof to cut down the risk of catching off target animals in the nuisance wildlife control traps. Sealing off the original entry / exit points the raccoons created is also an important step at the end of the Ohio raccoon job to ensure no raccoons can invade the home in the future. Raccoon proofing is done by installing sheet metal over the hole and securing the material using screws or calking. Raccoons are very persistent and raccoon problems never simply resolve on their own – you need a trained and qualified raccoon control expert in Ohio to service your home for raccoon eradication. Clean up of the raccoon feces may be necessary if the raccoons have been inside the structure for a long time. Call a nuisance wildlife control / raccoon removal company today in your Ohio hometown.

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Ohio Bird Removal

Bird removal is a common service Ohio nuisance wildlife control companies offer residential homeowners in the state of Ohio. The animal removal company should do a thorough inspection by looking in the attic area, and figuring out where the birds are entering from the outside of the Ohio home. Once the bird entrance is located, the animal control specialist should install an exclusion device to allow the birds to fly out of the area unharmed, and when they come back they will be unable to regain access to that spot due to the bird exclusion device. When birds have infested the attic for an extended period of time they will undoubtably shed large quantities of bird waste / droppings inside the attic on top of insulation. Attic remediation should be performed by the nuisance wildlife control business when there is excessive damage and bird nesting material. Birds such and sparrows and european starlings have the ability to construct very large nests inside a homeowners attic. We have seen nests 10 feet wide and 5 feet tall before. If the nuisance wildlife birds have built a nest you should also have the area treated for bird mites after the nesting matter has been removed and sanitized. Call an Ohio nuisance wildlife control company today for bird removal services.

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Ohio Squirrel Removal

Squirrel removal is a common service Ohio wildlife control companies provide to residential homeowners. Squirrels often invade the attic area of a home by chewing holes in dormer / soffit areas. Sometimes Ohio animal removal companies are able to install one-way door traps over the entrance of the squirrels to catch them as they are exiting the hole. Other wildlife control companies will set live cage traps in the gutter areas. This is also an effective method to use. Lethal traps may also be used on an Ohio squirrel removal job, they are completely legal to use in Ohio for squirrel control services. Squirrel teeth can have the potential to grow between 6-9 inches every year, but their persistent chewing wears their teeth down over time. Squirrel behavior is usually the most active in the morning between 6am-8am. There are 4 different species of squirrels found in Ohio which are the red squirrel, grey squirrel, fox squirrel, and flying squirrel. Squirrels can chew on wires inside your attic becoming a fire hazard combined with the fact squirrels will drag dry nesting material into the attic as well. Call an Ohio animal removal company listed in your area today for squirrel removal services.

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Ohio Skunk Removal


Skunk removal is done by setting traps in the most frequently used travel routes by the nuisance skunks. If the skunks are underneath a deck or shed then a positive set-up may be used to capture the nuisance wildlife skunks. Positive set-up meaning the entire shed / deck needs to be wired off and then a single area will be left open for the skunk trap to go over. This will trap the skunk underneath the structure and it’s only way out is through the trap, and the skunk will be captured. Skunks are a hazard to homeowners because of the horrendous smell they produce when they spray. When the skunks have invaded the underside of a deck or outbuilding, skunk exclusion can be performed by installing wire around the areas to prevent skunks and other nuisance wildlife animals from gaining access to these spots. Keeping skunks out long term should be the homeowners main goal so they can avoid the hazards skunks tend to bring along with them. In the spring time female skunks will give birth to their offspring and this often lands the female skunk searches for a comfortable harborage to give birth. Underneath a deck, shed, or patio is a safe and dark place the female skunk decides is a suitable location. Ohio skunk removal is a common service offered by Ohio nuisance wildlife control businesses. Call an animal removal business listed in your area today for skunk removal services.

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