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Opossums commonly seek harborage under decks, sheds, patios, and other outbuildings. Wildlife removal professionals get a lot of calls for opossum problems. They become a nuisance animal by infesting the areas listed above on homeowners properties. Opossum removal is done by setting open traps near the infested areas. Bait that should be used are marshmallows with wildlife control paste baits smeared on them. Opossums will eat practically anything, so different baits may be used on the opossum removal job.

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Opossum Removal Page: Photo of trapped opossum acting mean which they are not
Opossum Removal Page: Photo of trapped hissing opossum

Opossum Removal From The Attic

Sometimes opossums manage to infest the attic area of a home. They do not usually cause the initial damage to get into the attic, it is commonly damage due to other pests or weather conditions. During the initial inspection the wildlife removal professional will take a look in the attic to look for damage caused by the nuisance opossums.

If there has been a long term infestation of opossums in the attic, the insulation will likely be soiled and need removed. Wildlife control operators can often provide the service of attic remediation to replace the damaged insulation along with the removal of opossum feces. Animal proofing of the home should be done to prevent future problems.

Opossum Exclusions

When Opossums invade areas such as decks and outbuildings, an exclusion should be performed so the problem does not persist in the future. Exclusion is done by wiring off the edges of the deck / outbuilding. This is performed by digging a trench around the structure 6-8 inches deep and about a foot wide. The wire will be screwed to the side of the structure and then buried about a foot out, so when the opossums return they will dig next to the structure and realize there is wire there, and so they will move along to another area.

Contact a wildlife control company listed in your area to inquire about their price structure for animal proofing homes, opossum removal, and outbuilding or deck exclusion services.

Cost For An Opossum Removal Job

All nuisance wildlife removal companies have different pricing structures for opossum removal jobs. These prices usually consist of a set up fee, which can run between $150 – $250. An additional per animal fee is commonly charged and this costs between $50-$100 per animal captured. Is also depends what part of the property the opossums are infesting. If they are in the attic the price will likely be more, because many animal control businesses choose to set traps on the roof which is additional work rather than just throwing a few traps on the ground.

If the opossums are underneath a deck or outbuilding the cost may be less depending on the animal removal companies pricing structure for different types of infestations.

Opossum Removal From Residential Properties

Opossum removal is done by setting traps in the main route of travel by the opossums. Removal of opossums from residential properties is a common service offered by wildlife control professionals. If the opossums have created a nest underneath your deck or patio, call an animal removal company listed in your area from this website. A positive catch set-up may be utilized depending on the situation. Positive set up meaning the area will be wired off, and the traps will be set over the area left open by the animal control technician.

Opossum removal is not too complicated, but if they are not caught in a timely manner (a few days) then a different bait should be used to solve the opossum issue.

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