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Professional Bat Removal In Orlando Florida

Florida Wildlife Trappers is a full service wildlife control company in the Florida city of Orlando. Florida Wildlife Trappers specializes in bat removal from attics, chimneys, and homes around Orlando, St. Cloud, and Kissimmee. Keeping bats out of a house can be a tricky process at times, because we must be very thorough when performing bat removal. 1-way bat doors will be put up around the main entry areas the bats are using to gain access to the structure. After that, all secondary bat entries will also be sealed off so the bats cannot fly around to another spot and regain access to the building. Florida Wildlife Trappers is fully licensed and insured to protect their bat control clients in case of an accident. Most bat removal jobs in Orlando contracted through Florida Wildlife Trappers will come with a 1-2 year warranty depending on the size & construction of the building with the bat infestation. Florida Wildlife Trappers cares about the bats in Orlando, and would not incorporate bat control tactics which would bring any harm to the bats. Certain other wildlife removal companies in the Orlando area are not as experienced as Florida Wildlife Trappers when it comes to bat removal. Thats why we say it is a specialized field within the wildlife removal & animal control industry. Leo Cross is the owner of Florida Wildlife Trappers and founded the business in 2008. They provide emergency services as well when homeowners have bats flying around in living quarters of the home. Live exclusion bat control is the only legal way to go about getting bats out of a home, and it is illegal to kill bats during a live exclusion. However there is an exception when a single bat (or several) gets inside the home and comes into contact with humans or pets inside the home. That bat may be euthanized and taken to the Florida Department Of Agriculture to be tested for rabies and other diseases. Live exclusion does not bring any harm to the nuisance bats, it simply excludes them from the building and disables the bats from getting back inside. Florida Wildlife Trappers and Leo Cross is licensed through the Florida Department Of Wildlife & Fisheries Commission and abides to all laws put in place to protect species of bats.

Bat Removal From The Attic Services Orlando FL - FWT

In need of bat removal services? Have bats in your attic, crawl space, or chimney? Contact Florida Wildlife Trappers INC of Orlando Florida for professional bat removal services. Doing a detail oriented sealing job is very important on a bat removal job because bats possess echolocation hearing and are able to detect entry holes by hearing the drafts coming out of the exposed construction gaps. Florida Wildlife Trappers INC will take a look in the attic for damage and large amounts of bat guano. If a large bat colony is present in the building, odds are you will need attic remediation services along with the bat exclusion. A single bat is capable of producing 10 droppings in the attic per day, so if you have a colony of 100 bats you're looking at 1000 droppings per day, and some bat problems can be going on for months without the homeowners being aware of the problem. Attic remediation is the process of removing all bat guano, soiled insulation, sanitation of the attic space, and replacing the old insulation with new. Contact Florida Wildlife Trappers INC for expert bat exclusion services in Orlando Florida. Experience is key when performing a bat removal job from the attic. Florida Wildlife Trappers specializes in bat removal in Orlando, and have been in business for close to 10 years, with 25 years of accumulative experience. Experience is so important when you are talking about bat removal, because generally speaking there will be a trial and error process that an individual must go through on bat removal jobs, and some people will never perfect the art. It's not recommended to trust someone with bat removal with less than 2-3 years experience in performing bat exclusion. Florida Wildlife Trappers technicians have been through hundreds of bat removal jobs over the years, and understand the fine details of the process, so call Florida Wildlife Trappers today for professional bat removal services in Orlando. Read more below to learn more on bat biology & additional info.

Bats In Orlando Florida | Informational Paragraph On Bat Biology

The most common species of bat in Orlando is the Brazilian Free Tailed Bat. These bats are very prevalent in the Orlando area when infesting the attic space of a home. Homeowners will usually hear the bats crawling around in their ceiling and hearing the bats screech at dusk. The Brazilian Free Tailed bats will feed only on insects and are not dangerous towards humans. Bats do not have a hibernation period in Orlando due to the weather climate being warm all year, although they will rest during the day and go outside at nighttime to feed on insects. Homeowners and businesses in Orlando Florida will have many bat problems mainly in the springtime when the maternity colonies are having their pups for the year. A maternity bat colony is made up of only female bats, and they are able to give birth to 1 pup every year. Maternity season runs April-August in Orlando FL and it is illegal to perform bat exclusion during these months in Orlando due to the young bats not being able to fly. Bats are important to the ecosystem in Orlando and Florida Wildlife Trappers INC would never imply tactics of bat removal in Orlando that would harm the bat species. Bats in Orlando and the rest of the country are federally protected and this demands pest removal companies in Orlando to use humane means of bat removal. Call Florida Wildlife Trappers today for professional & humane bat removal services in Orlando Florida. Florida Wildlife Trappers INC are licensed for bat removal in Orlando.

Additional Services Provided By Florida Wildlife Trappers INC

Orlando Florida is home to many nuisance species of animals including raccoons, bats, birds, squirrels, rodents, reptiles, and other species of nuisance wildlife. Florida Wildlife Trappers of Orlando can help you with all your wildlife removal needs. They can service your property for raccoon removal, bat removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal, rodent control, dead animal removal, snake removal, attic clean up / decontamination, & animal proofing services. Call Florida Wildlife Trappers INC today for professional wildlife control services in Orlando FL & surrounding areas.

Raccoon Control Orlando Florida         

Orlando FL Raccoon Removal & Control Services | Raccoons In Attic

Removing nuisance raccoons from a structure involves setting nuisance wildlife control traps in the most frequently used travel routes used by the offending raccoons. There are many different methods that may be used on the raccoon removal job such as setting traps on the ground, roof, or the entry hole itself. Every wildlife removal business has their own way of dealing with raccoon problems, but we at Florida Wildlife Trappers INC take the humane route of live trapping the raccoons. We care about the raccoon species just as we do the bats, and would not use methods that would bring pain or suffering to the raccoons. Capture and removal of the nuisance raccoons is the first step. However for a permanent solution, animal proofing should be done over the areas where the raccoons were accessing the home / attic space. Full home exclusion when having raccoon problems in Orlando FL is something else Florida Wildlife Trappers INC can offer to homeowners. Florida Wildlife Trappers will also inspect the attic area for feces build up, raccoon babies (in the springtime), and additional raccoon damage. If there was a prolonged infestation of the nuisance raccoons it is likely you will need an attic restoration and clean up job performed. This involves removing all raccoon feces, damaged insulation, sanitizing the attic space, and then replacing the old insulation with new improved insulation. We particularly like to sell the TAP INSULATION which is thermal, acoustical, and pest control. This insulation has some of the highest R-value of any insulation out there, and will significantly help your heating and cooling costs. Call Florida Wildlife Trappers INC today for more information on TAP INSULATION. Raccoon feces can sometimes carry harmful spores of bacteria or raccoon round worm eggs. Both are detrimentally harmful to human health. The raccoon problem may persist in the future if the attic is not cleaned up, due to the raccoon odor that is left behind from the original offending raccoons, which will attract them to your building. Call Florida Wildlife Trappers INC for raccoon removal & wildlife control services in Orlando Florida. Florida Wildlife Trappers INC is licensed & insured for raccoon removal in Orlando.

Squirrel Control Orlando Florida         

Orlando FL Squirrel Removal & Control Services | Squirrels In Attic

Squirrels often invade residential homeowners attics by chewing access holes around dormers, soffits, feca boards, and other areas located on the roof of the home. Squirrel removal is a common service offered by Florida Wildlife Trappers of Orlando to rid the nuisance squirrels and provide additional services such as attic remediation, squirrel proofing, & repairs of damaged areas. Florida Wildlife Trappers INC will go over the home first during the initial inspection, and offer solutions to your squirrel problem in Orlando. Florida Wildlife Trappers INC will take a good look in the attic area for chewed wires, fecal matter, and damaged insulation. Squirrels can cause a variety of damage to people's homes in a short period of time, this is why squirrel removal services must be performed with haste to solve the problem before the squirrels completely destroy the home. If a squirrel infestation is unaddressed for an extended period of time the structure will literally be turned into a block of swiss cheese from the squirrels chewing holes on the house wherever they want. Squirrel removal is done by placing nuisance wildlife control traps in the most frequently used travel routes by the offending squirrels. Trapping methods used by Florida Wildlife Trappers INC is always in a humane way, and we will release the squirrels far away from the property. Certain species of animals are required to be euthanized due to state law, but squirrels are an exception because they do not commonly carry the rabies virus. Attic restoration is sometimes needed after the squirrels have been trapped to get the attic healthy again. Squirrels will commonly burrow insulation and shed urine and fecal matter scattered throughout the attic. Contact Florida Wildlife Trappers INC for professional animal removal & squirrel control services in Orlando Florida.

Bird Control Orlando Florida       

Orlando FL Bird Removal & Control Services | Birds In Attic

Bird removal is performed by first locating the entry & exit areas the nuisance birds are utilizing to access the building. Once that area is found, an exclusion device will be installed over that spot to allow the birds to exit the structure unharmed, and when they return they will be unable to regain access to the attic space due to the exclusion device. We at Florida Wildlife Trappers INC enjoy using this method because it is humane, which is the center point of our business and the birds are allowed to live another day. Birds usually access the attic through attic vents, ridge vents, dormer areas, soffit openings, and other common areas on the roofline. Bird removal is a job only an experienced wildlife control technician should attempt. Florida Wildlife Trappers INC is experienced in bird control and we are licensed through the state to perform bird removal from the attic services in Orlando. If the bird problem goes unaddressed for an extended period of time the attic will likely need attic restoration cleanup services. This involves removing all bird waste, damaged & soiled insulation, sanitizing the attic area, and then installing new insulation in place of the old. Florida Wildlife Trappers INC can provide this attic clean up service. If nuisance bird problems go unaddressed they will often build large nests in the attic space. European Starlings and Sparrows are the most common offenders. We have seen nests that cover an entire attic area. Not only is there an excess of nesting material that needs cleaned up, but also treatments for bird mites & other parasites needs to be done to avoid a whole new problem. Call Florida Wildlife Trappers INC for professional wildlife removal, bird removal & bird exclusion services. Florida Wildlife Trappers INC is prompt & professional and can service your bird problems in Orlando with professionalism and experience. Bird removal should not be attempted by amateurs as it is dangerous work and should be done by a professional.

Skunk Control Orlando Florida      

Orlando FL Skunk Removal & Control Services | Skunks Under Decks

Skunk removal is performed by setting nuisance wildlife control traps in the most frequently used travel routes used by the skunks. If the nuisance skunks are infesting the areas underneath your deck, patio, shed, or other outbuilding, you may need skunk exclusion services. Florida Wildlife Trappers INC can provide skunk exclusion services to homeowners in Orlando Florida. Exclusion is done by securing half-inch wire to the side of the structure, and then buried about a foot away from the side, so when the nuisance skunk attempts to undermine to access the deck or shed, the wire will prevent it from gaining access. Skunk removal tactics can vary, and every wildlife control company has their own ways of dealing with skunk problems. Rest assured that Florida Wildlife Trappers has the proper experience and knowledge to handle a skunk problem professionally, with using successful tactics of skunk removal. If your pet has been sprayed by a skunk there is a mixture that can help rid the skunk odor from your pets fur. First, mix a quart of hydrogen peroxide, a splash of dish soap, a tsp of baking soda, and mix with a gallon of water. Mix the solution for 3-4 minutes. Apply to your pets fur and scrub for 10-15 minutes. This will not completely rid the skunk odor but it works better than a lot of other methods. Florida Wildlife Trappers INC are also able to remove skunks by utilizing a positive set-up. This involves sealing around the deck or shed with hardware cloth and leaving a single space open for the skunks to come out. The trap will go over this area and the nuisance wildlife skunks will have no choice but to travel through the trap. Contact the Florida Wildlife Trappers of Orlando Florida for professional animal removal & skunk removal services. Florida Wildlife Trappers is licensed in Orlando for skunk removal.

Rodent control Orlando, Florida                 

Orlando FL Rat Removal & Control Services | Rats In Attic

Rodent extermination is done by combining several different tactics. First of all, the offending mice / rodents need to be dealt with. This is done by trapping them out or placing rodenticide bait stations on the exterior & in the attic space. Wildlife removal technicians must obtain their commercial pesticide licenses in order to use the rodenticide poison method. Trapping & poisons used in conjunction with full-home exclusion / sealant jobs is the best way to deal with a large rodent infestation. We at Florida Wildlife Trappers INC do not use poisons for rat control. We are only licensed for wildlife control and not pesticide applications. This is probably for the best, because in Orlando we have a high rat population and poisons are not a logical method for rat control because the animals are too big and will stink up your home. What we will do is trap the rats, and then perform exclusion to the home to seal off any entry areas the rats can use to access the home. The exclusion process consists of sealing around dormers, flashing, drip edge's, ridge vents, attic vents, and other spots on the roofline. This will prevent additional nuisance mice / rodents from entering the structure. Experience is key when performing a rodent exclusion. Only so much can be seen from the ground and we will need to get on your roof to see every spot where rodents may be able to get in. Rats in particular are commonly guilty of getting on someones roof and chewing holes in dormer areas. We tackle this problem by first trapping the rats, and then sealing off the holes by means of exclusion as explained above... Additional areas are commonly found as the exclusion process goes on. The estimate for removing the rodents and performing exclusion services will depend on the size of the infested structure, how many areas need sealed up, and how large of a rodent population there is in the home. Call Florida Wildlife Trappers INC of Orlando Florida today for professional wildlife control & rat / rodent extermination services. Florida Wildlife Trappers is fully licensed and insured for rat control services in Orlando Florida. If the nuisance rats are coming through your toilet, attic, or any other area, call Florida Wildlife Trappers today. We have many years of experience dealing with rats and can successfully rid them from your home. Call today for rat trapping services in Orlando Florida.