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Wildlife Removal Services In Pennsylvania – General Info

Wildlife removal is a service that is required for nuisance animal problems throughout the state of Pennsylvania. When people have a pest animal in their home, they can either find a solution to the problem on their own, or find a professional service to tackle the problem. Hiring a professional wildlife removal company in Pennsylvania comes with many benefits, simply because they know the best ways to get nuisance animals out of your home in a more timely manner rather than taking the amateur route. However, you should always do your research on the wildlife control company you hire in Pennsylvania because unfortunately there are some companies who do not have the best practices. Rest assured, when I made this website and I did exactly that, to find the best companies out there who have reputation to back them up. Of course feel free to do your own research as well, but I keep in contact with these companies, read customer reviews, examine social media profiles, ect. I would never list a company on this website that I felt does not get the job done in a reasonable way. So click on your area/city to find a professional Pennsylvania wildlife removal business near you.


Pennsylvania Raccoon Removal Services | PA Raccoon Control

Raccoon removal from the attic is a process in which should only be attempted by a trained wildlife removal professional in the state of Pennsylvania. Raccoons can be dangerous animals, and when trapped inside of a wildlife control live cage trap, it’s not an animal that you would wanna mess with. They will hiss and snarl at you when you try to pick them up, and can reach through the cage trap at times when you attempt picking up the trap. Wildlife removal professionals know that when a raccoon gets in your attic in Pennsylvania, it’s only a matter of time when they start to cause some real damages, and those who attempt catching the raccoons by themselves end up failing and then waiting too long to have a professional wildlife control technician come out and take a look at the problem. By then, the raccoons would have dispelled large amounts of fecal matter inside of the attic, torn the soffits/eves apart, and sometimes they can even chew on wires when inside an attic. This is why amateur trapping does not make sense, because people try and do it themselves to save money, when really they are washing thousands of dollars down the drain by not hiring a professional to do the work, because the raccoons were not successfully trapped and then they cause all of this damage to the infested home. So please, I advise you that raccoons are not an animal that you want to mess around with. Call a Pennsylvania wildlife removal company today for raccoon removal from the attic services. All companies listed on this website are licensed and insured through the state for raccoon removal & wildlife control services.

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Pennsylvania Bat Removal Services | PA Bat Control

Bats removal is something that should only be attempted by a trained wildlife removal operator. Bats will infest the attic area in Pennsylvania, and they are tricky to get rid of at times. Bat removal is more of a specialized field within the wildlife control industry, because bat removal services in Pennsylvania are more construction type services, as opposed to simply trapping and removal of other wildlife animals. Bats are excluded from a structure by putting a one-way door over the bats main entry spot. The bats will fly thorough the tubes or netting, and not be able to get back inside that area. An essential part of bat removal in Pennsylvania is to ensure all other openings on the home are sealed up to prevent reentry. Large colonies of bats in Pennsylvania will shed large amounts of bat guano inside the attic, and many times this requires cleanup services. Most of these Pennsylvania wildlife removal companies will be able to provide attic restoration services, but make sure to call first and see what all services they provide. Bat guano can be hazardous at times because the guano can develop spores of bacteria which can potentially be inhaled by humans unaware of the conditions of the attic. People inspecting a bat infested attic should always wear respirators to make sure they do not breath in any of these harmful spores. Additionally, bats maternity season runs through April – August in Pennsylvania, meaning it is illegal to perform bat exclusion during these months. There are ways of starting a bat job during these months, which you can discuses with your local bat removal company in Pennsylvania. Call the professional wildlife removal company listed in your area for Pennsylvania bat removal services.

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Pennsylvania Squirrel Removal Services | PA Squirrel Control

Squirrels can be very damaging to a home, especially when there are multiple individuals involved. Ideally on a squirrel removal job you wanna be able to set up a one-way trap over the hole where the squirrels are gaining access to the home. That method is not always possible because angles on the roof, depending on where the hole is. Our rule of thumb when doing squirrel removal is to never set traps on the ground. Traps should either be on the roof, or secured to an overhanding tree where the squirrels are traveling. The cost for squirrel removal in Pennsylvania will depend on how many squirrels are getting inside the home, the number of holes the squirrels have chewed on the outside of the home, and how large the building is in general. Expect to pay an average between $350-$450 for squirrel removal services in Pennsylvania. Trapping the squirrels is one thing, but keeping them out of the building long term should be the ultimate goal. This is ensured by performing full exclusion on the home after all the squirrels have been trapped. Squirrels at times can cause a lot of damages to a home, so taking care of the problem shortly after you notice there is a problem is pretty important, or else the squirrels will essentially destroy your home over long periods of time. Attic cleanup is sometimes necessary in squirrel removal to get the squirrel droppings out of the attic. Call your local wildlife removal company in Pennsylvania for wildlife control and squirrel removal services. All Pennsylvania wildlife removal companies listed on this website are licensed through the state of PA for squirrel removal services.

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Pennsylvania Skunk Removal Services | PA Skunk Control

Skunks are a nuisance to homeowners due to the horrid smell they make when the skunks spray. Pennsylvania homeowners may be looking to hire a professional wildlife removal service in PA when they have skunks under their deck, patio, shed, or other areas of their property. It is not recommended that homeowners attempt skunk trapping on their own, because certain skunks can at times be unpredictable and one must know the signs of a skunk getting ready to spray when it is inside of a live cage trap. Any wildlife control operator would be trained on these subjects and can handle the skunk problem without getting sprayed. That being said, there is always a skunk that is going to randomly spray no matter what. In my personal business i’ve had skunks spray for no given reason. When a skunk is in a live cage trap, it can be deterred from spraying the approaching person by splashing water on the skunk in order to distract it. Other times the skunk in the cage trap can simply be covered with a sheet of some sort, and this will calm the skunk. Wildlife removal companies will often offer exclusion services on decks and outbuildings. This involves digging a trench around the structure and securing wire to the edges to prevent any animals from digging underneath in the future. If you have nuisance skunks on your property in PA, call a professional wildlife removal company to remove them for you. This is however a paid service, but it will spare you of the headaches that come with skunk removal. All Pennsylvania wildlife control businesses on this website are licensed, insured, and have the proper experience in order to solve all your skunk problems in PA. Skunk removal is not as easy as it may sound, so leave it to the professionals to get the job done correctly.

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