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Raccoon Removal From The Attic, Chimney, and Crawl Space

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Dealing with raccoon problems is a common service offered by wildlife removal specialists. Raccoon control is done by setting traps in the most commonly used travel routes by the raccoons. It is important to address the raccoon problem with haste because of the damage they can cause, even over a short period of time. Whether the raccoons are in your attic, yard, crawl space, or any other area, call a raccoon removal company listed in your state to permanently solve the nuisance raccoon infestation. If the nuisance raccoons have been infesting the attic space for a prolonged period of time, attic remediation may be necessary to clean the attic of contaminated insulation, raccoon droppings, & raccoon urine soaked into the insulation.
Raccoon Removal From The Attic Page: Photo of two trapped raccoons.
Raccoon Removal From The Attic Page: Photo of a trapped raccoons on the lawn
Raccoon Removal From The Attic Page: Photo of a trapped raccoon on a driveway

Cost For Raccoon Control Services

The price for removing nuisance raccoons will depend on many factors such as the areas where the raccoons are infesting, how many raccoons there are, and also the competition companies prices that are in the same area. Raccoon problems sometimes vary in difficulties associated with factors of removing them. This is the reason some companies choose to charge a per-trip fee instead of just charging a set-up or flat rate fee for the job. That being said, the ballpark figures for removing nuisance raccoons can be between $140-$240 for set up fee, and then an additional charge of $50-$100 per animal captured. The other rates of charging a per-trip fee can range between $100-$200 for the first visit, and then $50-$100 per-trip after the initial visit. Contact the nuisance wildlife control company listed in your area to inquire about how much they charge for raccoon removal services.

Raccoon removal from the attic is a specialty process in which tactics can vary depending on the situation. To properly control and remove raccoons the structure must be properly inspected for all entry / exit points. Traps are set either on the ground or the roof depending on the animal removal professionals’ preference. Both methods are proven to be successful, however if traps are set on the ground there is a greater risk of catching off-target animals in the area, such as skunks or opossums. There are many aspects of removing raccoons from the attic. Finding the main entry / exit points is a key step. Attic inspection is also necessary to properly remove raccoons from the attic. In the spring time pregnant female raccoons will seek to invade homeowners attics to birth their young. The wildlife control technician should take a look in the attic for babies, and for further raccoon damage. Raccoon round worm can be a concern when there has been a prolonged infestation of raccoons in the attic.

Raccoon Round Worm Disease

Round worm eggs may be found in the fecal matter of raccoons. Once raccoon feces is dispelled in the attic, the round worm eggs can attach to fiberglass insulation & dust. This is the case with raccoon feces which has dried out, it becomes easier for round worm eggs to attach to attic material and dust. Respirators are an important safety tool. If ingested by a human, the round worm eggs will begin to hatch. Depending on the exposure, round worm can cause different neurologic disorders, such as blindness in more extreme cases. These exposures can be avoided by wearing safety equipment such as respirators. Protective eyewear should be worm because raccoon round worm can come through your eyes, or any part of your body for that matter. Round worms eggs are even capable of penetrating human skin, although this happens very rarely. Always be careful when there is raccoon feces in your attic, and definitely do not attempt in removing anything yourself without first getting professional advice.

Raccoon Removal From Residential Properties

Raccoons also become a nuisance pest by taking harborage under decks, sheds, or whatever else they can manage to slip under. Having raccoons in the area is uncomfortable for a lot of people, and they simply must go. Removing raccoons from these areas is like a walk in the park for a wildlife control technician. But not really. The damage caused by the nuisance raccoons also needs to be taken into consideration when deciding what side services to go with, such as attic remediation, raccoons droppings clean up, and animal proofing / wildlife exclusion services. You may consider having the deck / shed animal proofed after the raccoons have been trapped. This is done by digging a trench around the area, and securing heavy duty wire over the open regions. This is something you may ask your wildlife control company once the raccoon problem is solved.

Hazards With Raccoon Scent & Nuisance Wildlife Droppings / Feces Removal From Attic’s & Crawl Spaces

An issue with having raccoons in the attic, which many people do not realize at first, is the scent they leave behind. Raccoons will commonly burrow through insulation, shed fecal matter in the attic, and get their grimy little hands on anything they can possibly destroy. During this process they get their scent all over the place. The hazard is that the raccoon scent will attract other raccoons in the future. How this problem is addressed is by remediating the damaged insulation, and sanitizing the entire attic to diminish the scent, so no other raccoons may invade in the future. Animal proofing the entire building can be another option, often cheaper than a full attic remediation. You may want to get both attic remediation & animal proofing depending the condition of your home. And remember just because a company is super cheap, you might consider hiring a real professional for such extensive work to be performed. Check through this directory, decide what company to use based on your location, and give them a call. You might be surprised with the quality of skill & workmanship different companies on this website possess. Call today for attic cleaning due to pest raccoons.

Female Raccoons Ready To Give Birth In The Spring = Problems For Homeowners

Homeowners will always have problems with raccoons in the spring because this is when the female raccoons will seek a safe harborage to give birth to her raccoon pups. Mother raccoons are very defensive over her young, and it is not a smart move to remove the baby raccoons while the mother is present. The mother raccoon will invade an attic to deliver her young ones because in her mind it is ideal because is seems vacant, warm, free of predators, and she can easily provide her young food when she leaves during the night and returns with the nights harvest. Baby raccoons will only feed off their mothers milk the first couple months of their lives. Wildlife removal professionals handle female and baby raccoon problems by applying a raccoon eviction liquid. Some companies will also remove the young by hand and then trap the female afterwards. This eviction essence is derived from a boar raccoon, and once the female picks up this scent it will cause her to relocate her pups because male raccoons will kill baby raccoons in order to put the mother back into heat. This usually takes 1-2 nights before the female relocates her young due to the raccoon eviction liquid.

Raccoon Removal From The Attic Page: Photo of a mother raccoon and her babies that were humanely trapped.

Other Common Raccoon Control Tactics

There are other commercially available devices to deal with raccoon problems such as the little grizz foothold trap, one-way exclusion doors, and raccoon eviction liquid. All of these raccoon control methods have proven successful. Little grizz foothold traps are one of the most effective raccoon traps because they are a species specific trap designed to catch only raccoons. There is always a slight possibility of catching some other creature in the traps, but generally speaking they will only catch raccoons 99% of the time. These traps are set on the ground where the raccoons travel.

One-way exclusion doors may be used if the customer is concerned about the raccoons being euthanized. These exclusion doors can be placed over the entry / exit point to allow the raccoons to leave, but when they come back the door will not lift, and the raccoons would be successfully excluded. I personally do not like this method because this only inclines the raccoons to find a different way into the attic, especially if the young are present. Raccoon eviction liquid can be used in some circumstances such as when a female has young. The eviction liquid is made from the essence of a bore raccoon and this will cause the female to relocate her pups, in fear of the male raccoon killing her baby raccoons.

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