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Raccoon Removal From The Attic – Raccoon Info & Behavior

Hello, my name is Luke and I have specialized in removing nuisance raccoons from the attic for several years. And still do. Thats right, I’m not just some SEO computer guy writing about raccoons from what i’ve learned off the web. I have first hand experience in seeing what these animals are capable of when infesting areas like an attic. My experience with raccoon removal has inclined me to better educate the public on what they should do when raccoons have invaded the attic. I know how stressful it can be, and the sleepless nights that can go with it. Raccoons are one of the most destructive nuisance pests that we deal with in the wildlife control industry, especially when the raccoons invade the attic. There are a number of different hazard associated with raccoons inside an attic, such as the feces raccoons dispel, raccoon scent left behind, raccoons damaging insulation, electrical wires, ventilation fans & vents, and also the exterior of the home where raccoons cause destruction many people cannot believe. Nuisance raccoons utilize 1-2 different bathroom areas depending on how long they have been in the attic. If there has been a long term raccoon infestation, the attic should be cleaned out using methods of attic remediation which I mention in another paragraph. If you are unlucky enough to get raccoons in your attic, you should seek immediate help from a professional. Some people are non-schulant about removing raccoons, claiming they are going to do it by themselves by either trapping (sometimes works) or using scent deterrents like moth balls and ammonia rags (never works…) The longer raccoons are inside the attic the more damage they will inflict and it’s better to pay a company a necessary fee to remove the nuisance raccoons in a timely manner instead of putting it off. I’ve seen this happen in my own business and eventually people will just call me back and tell me they admittedly need help. By then, the raccoons had caused 3x much more damage on the home. On this one raccoon removal job I was working on, I had inspected the property, and the people told me they wanted to try their own method by using moth balls & ammonia rags. I explained to them this was not the best idea because it simply never works. But they did not want to spend the money. 3-4 weeks passed, and I got a phone call from my clients to return to the property and trap the raccoons from the attic. Initially the raccoons had created a single entry hole and were using 1 bathroom area in the attic. When I returned there was a 10 sq ft area where the raccoons had ripped all the shingles off the roof, made 2 additional holes in the soffits, and the attic was literally covered in waste from end-to-end. I trapped and removed all the raccoons from the attic in 2 days, and there were 4 of them. Luckily for the homeowner, their insurance policy was able to cover the attic clean up and repairs to be done on the outside. If the insurance did not cover this job, these people would of lost a lot of money. Don’t let this happen to you. Call a raccoon removal professional today for raccoon removal from the attic.

Raccoon In The Attic Page: Photo of two trapped raccoons.
Raccoon In The Attic Page: Photo of a trapped raccoons on the lawn
Raccoon In The Attic Page: Photo of a trapped raccoon on a driveway

Raccoon Damage Clean Up Due To Raccoon Infestation In The Attic

Depending on the number of raccoons inside the attic there will almost always be bathroom areas the raccoons use, and this is addressed by cleaning out the attic. Some people choose to get all insulation removed, attic sanitized, and replace the insulation. Others simply request the wildlife control company manually remove the waste only, and leave the insulation alone. Raccoon waste is hazardous because it can contain raccoon round worm eggs & parasites. These contaminates can potentially be spread around in the insulation when the raccoons burrow through it. Raccoons damage on the exterior is also a concern. Raccoons will destroy soffits, dormers, drip edge’s, shingles, attic vents, gable end vents, and whatever else they can get their grubby little hands on. Most wildlife control companies can provide the services of animal proofing the holes where the raccoons had gained entry. This is highly specialized work and it takes a lot of background experience and training to be able to provide clients true professional raccoon removal services. You want to find a company that can solve all of your problems associated with raccoon infestation & damage, not simply trapping the raccoons and removing them. The wildlife removal technician should thoroughly inspect the attic space and provide digital analysis of the damage the raccoons have caused. Some work occasionally needs to be subbed out to another home improvement company because not all wildlife removal businesses have the necessary materials to completely restore your home. However they should be able to provide waste removal from the attic whenever requested. Below I provide pictures of what raccoon damage typically looks like. There is always a high damage risk with raccoons in the attic.