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Rodent Control Tips and Insights

Rodent control is a common service offered by wildlife removal companies. Roof mice & rats can climb onto your roof from corners and wood panels on the siding of the home. They manage to slip through construction gaps located on the roof, or around a homes foundation. A rodent exclusion should be done to prevent future rodent issues.

Exclusion is the process of sealing any gaps on the roof where rodents are gaining access to the attic. It takes much experience to know how to properly exclude for rodents. If a single gap is left open around chimneys, windows, dormers, or any areas around the foundation, the nuisance rodents will likely be able to access the building once again.

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Rodent Control Page: Photo of two trapped mice that were inside a truck
Rodent Control Page: Photo of mice feces inside a home
Rodent Control Page: Photo of two trapped mice that were in an attic.

Rodent Exclusions

There are certain areas on the roof where rodents can commonly gain access to the attic. During the initial inspection the wildlife control specialist should get their ladders up and take a look at the roof to inspect for exposed areas where rodents can gain entry. The cost for rodent exclusions can vary depending on the size of the structure and how many areas need sealant work done. Keeping the problem controlled for extended periods of time is what the rodenticide poisons are good for.

With exclusion along with the rodenticide poisons, problems can usually be solved in a timely manner. However, pesticide licenses must be obtained by the wildlife control professionals in order to use the rodenticide methods.

Rodent Removal From The Attic – Rats and Mice

Snap traps are the most common tool used to rid rodents from an attic. Trapping should be done as long as there are still rodents infesting the attic. Trapping should also be done is conjunction with exclusion. After all the rodents are trapped, all the areas on the outside should be sealed up to prevent future infestation of the rodents. Mice and rats are especially prevalent in attics. They can be attracted to each others scent, and the attic should be disinfected to prevent more animals from being attracted to the home.

Cost For Rodent Removal Jobs

Servicing homes for rodent control is something many wildlife control businesses can do. The cost for removing the rodents will depend on the degree of the infestation, wether exclusion services are necessary or not, and what methods that company will use. If rodenticide stations are used, this service usually can cost between $200-$500. Rodent exclusions can be more expensive because of the amount of work that needs done on the home.

For a smaller single story home an exclusion can cost between $400-$1800. For a medium 2 story home an exclusion can cost between $600-$2200. For a large 3-4 story home an exclusion may cost as much as $1000-$4000.

Contact a wildlife control company in your area today for rodent removal from the attic. Rodent control is a job only an experienced wildlife removal professional can handle.

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