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Nuisance Skunk Removal

Skunks are mainly docile creatures and only become aggressive when threatened. Skunks commonly seek harborage under homeowners decks, patios, porches, sheds, and other outbuildings. Skunk removal is done by setting open traps in the most commonly used route of travel by the skunks.

If the skunk is under a shed or deck, a positive-catch set up may be used. This means setting a one-way trap over the exit hole and capturing the skunk as it is coming out of the entry / exit area. Once the nuisance skunks are removed from the property, you may ask the company listed in your area if they provide the additional service of wiring off / excluding your deck, patio, or outbuilding so you are at zero risk of future skunk problems.

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Skunk Removal page: Photo of a trapped skunk
Skunk Removal page: Photo of a humanely trapped skunk
Skunk Removal page: Photo of a humanely trapped skunks

Hazards With Skunk Infestations

The most common complaints from homeowners is that the skunks will spray their dogs. This can be very frustrating for people because the skunk odor is terribly difficult to remove from the dogs fur. The best remedy for removing the smell from your pets fur is by creating a solution consisting of a quart of hydrogen peroxide, a splash of dish soap, a teaspoon of baking soda, and a gallon of water. Mix this solution for 3-4 minutes, and apply to your pets fur. Scrub the solution in your pets fur for approximately 10-15 minutes.

Dogs commonly get sprayed by skunks because they lack experience in the wild, and are completely oblivious to the risk of getting sprayed by a skunk. They will chase the skunk and intimidate it, and the skunk will defend itself with the best tactic it knows – stick up my tail and blast that sucker. It works out great for the skunk, but the poor creature on the other side of the tail will be left with stinging eyes and a stinky fur coat for weeks.

Skunk Removal From Underneath Decks, Patios, and Outbuildings

Removing skunks from underneath these areas can be done by setting up a positive-catch trap(s). Positive set meaning there can be exclusion work done around the entire area, and then one particular spot will be left open and the trap will go over this area. This will force the skunks to travel through the exposed area where the trap was left, and the skunk will be caught in that trap. After the skunks are removed, the deck / shed can be wired off to prevent future skunk problems. Call a wildlife animal control company listed in your area today for skunk removal services.

Removing Skunks Without Getting Sprayed

This can be a tricky process at times. Removing skunks without getting sprayed is something most people are not able to do because any sign of nervousness, or sudden movements and the skunks will become flustered and release the weapon. Skunk control is only worth it for wildlife removal companies if they can perform the job without getting sprayed every time. There are more professional methods of dealing with skunks in a live cage trap that pose much less risk of getting sprayed.

The best method to use to avoid getting sprayed is injecting the skunk with a syringe pole and euthanizing it where the trap captured the skunk – right on site. The other way you can remove skunks in a trap without being sprayed is approaching the skunk in a slow, calm manner and covering the trap with a blanket or other cover. Once the skunk is covered it becomes much more comfortable and calm in the trap. If the skunk cannot see you, it will likely not feel as threatened.

Particular skunks however are much more difficult to deal with. They will not even let you approach the trap without showing warning signs. These skunks can be dealt with by taking a water hose and splashing the skunk with water in order to distract the nuisance skunk. While the water is being sprayed a wildlife control technician may approach the trap unnoticed by the skunk and be able to cover the trap quickly.

Skunk removal is a tricky process and it takes experience in order to complete the job professionally. Contact a skunk removal professional listed in your area today for skunk control services.

Skunk Exclusion Services

Even after the skunks have been removed from your property there is still some risk additional nuisance skunks may invade in the future. If you have a deck or outbuilding, you can ask the wildlife removal company listed in your area if they can provide skunk exclusion services by wiring off your deck or shed. This is done by digging a trench around the area and then screwing wire to the side of the structure. The trench should be dug 6-8 inches deep, and 8-12 inches out.

The reason the trenches are dug so wide is to allow more room for the exclusion wire to be placed. When nuisance animals such as a skunk attempt to dig underneath an area to access a shed or deck they will do it directly next to the spot which is on the edge of the structure. When you place the exclusion wire a foot out, this will disable the nuisance skunk from figuring out how to dig around the wire.

Cost For Skunk Removal

Removing skunks is relatively inexpensive compared to other nuisance wildlife control services. Usually companies have a trap set-up fee which can cost between $150- $250. Additional charges may include a per animal fee which costs between $60-$100. Sometimes the nuisance wildlife business will charge a flat rate fee with all services included, and others will charge a per-trip fee for every trip that they make to the property with the nuisance skunk problem.

Wildlife control services can work in a number of different ways, that is why you should call the company first and see what their particular services include. I cannot speak for everyone with every little word I write on this website, I only write things that are relevant to wildlife removal services. But everyone in the wildlife removal business simply has their own way of dealing with issues.

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