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           Wildlife Removal Services In South Carolina - General Info

South Carolina has many nuisance wildlife creatures that invade homeowners attics, crawl spaces, chimneys, decks, sheds, patios and other areas. Nuisance wildlife control is not an easy job, and it can take years of experience to master the skills needed to provide professional animal control services. Call a South Carolina wildlife control specialist for all your nuisance animal removal needs. The wildlife removal companies listed on this directory are prompt and professional. Services include raccoon removal, bat removal, squirrel removal, bee control, skunk removal, opossum removal, bird removal, and other nuisance animal species. Email Luke to be referred to the best wildlife removal companies in South Carolina.

South Carolina Raccoon Removal 

South Carolina Raccoon Removal & Control Services.

Raccoons become a nuisance wildlife pest by invading the attic area of a home. They climb on the roof in search of an entry area, and can usually find a place to access around dormers, soffits, feca boards, chimneys, and other areas. South Carolina raccoon removal should be done in a timely manner because of the damage raccoons can cause in a short period of time. Wildlife control companies in South Carolina utilize raccoon control methods by setting traps in the most frequently used travel routes by the nuisance raccoons. Raccoon traps may be set on the ground or roof depending on the animal removal specialists preference. Call a South Carolina animal removal company today for nuisance wildlife control & raccoon removal services.

South Carolina Bat Removal 

South Carolina Bat Removal & Control Services.

Bat removal from the attic is done by installing one-way exclusion valves over the bats main entry / exit points. After the exclusion valves are in place, there should be a full-home exclusion performed which involves sealing all potential entry points the bats may use to re-infest the attic area. A thorough sealant process is especially important during a bat removal job because bats can find these hard to see construction gaps by hearing the drafts coming out of them. During the initial bat inspection the South Carolina nuisance animal control company should look in the attic for any damage and hazardous bat guano which may need cleaned up. Bat removal from the attic is a job only an animal control expert can handle. Call a South Carolina wildlife removal company for bat control services.

South Carolina Squirrel Removal 

South Carolina Squirrel Removal & Control Services.

Squirrels are able to cause a great deal of damage on the outside of a home. South Carolina squirrel control is done by setting traps in the most commonly used travel paths by the nuisance squirrels. In some circumstances the wildlife control specialist may be able to install a one-way door trap over the squirrel entrance. Using this method the squirrels will be captured as they are coming out of the entrance. The main hazard with having nuisance squirrels in the attic is the amount of damage they can cause to the infested structure. The squirrels can also chew on electrical cords in the attic and this can be a fire hazard. Call a South Carolina wildlife removal business for squirrel removal and control services.

South Carolina Bird Removal 

South Carolina Bird Removal & Control Services.

Bird removal is a common service South Carolina animal control companies provide residential homeowners and commercial clients. Bird removal is done by installing exclusion devices over the birds main entry / exit area. This will allow the nuisance birds to fly out of the structure unharmed, and then when the birds return they will be unable to find a way around the exclusion device. A full home sealant job should be performed during the nuisance bird exclusion. This is an important step in providing professional animal removal services in South Carolina because this will keep the birds out once they are excluded, and also prevent future nuisance animal problems in the future.

South Carolina Skunk Removal 

South Carolina Skunk Removal & Control Services.

Nobody wants a skunk on their property because of the numerous hazards they can cause. Skunk removal is done by setting nuisance animal control traps in the greatest route of travel used by the skunks. Skunks commonly seek harborage under homeowners decks, patios, sheds, and other outbuildings. Sometimes a positive catch set-up may be utilized to capture the nuisance skunks. Positive catch meaning the entire area would be wired off and then 1 single area would be left open, and this is where the traps would go. For instance, if the skunks are infesting the underside of a shed, the sides & front of the shed would be blocked off and a single area would be left open for the trap to go over.