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Squirrel removal is a process which traps should be set in the most used route of travel by the nuisance squirrels. There are many different trapping techniques that squirrel trappers use to solve a squirrel problem. One-way door traps are sometimes used when the squirrel hole is readily accessible. The trap would go over this hole and once the squirrels come out, they will be have no choice but to enter the trap and be captured. Other methods such as open cage trapping, setting traps on the roof / gutters, & lethal tube traps are also a good option when considering the most effective methods of squirrel removal.

Damage from squirrels can be severe at times, this is why the quickest methods of squirrel control should be used on a job to remove the offending squirrels before additional damage is caused. Squirrel proofing the areas with hardware wire, or getting the wood replaced altogether is an important step to make sure the squirrel problems are solved long term. Call a wildlife control company in your area for effective squirrel removal.

Squirrel Removal page: Photo of a Trapped Gray Squirrel
Squirrel Removal page: Photo of 2 Trapped Gray Squirrels on roof
Squirrel Removal page: Photo of a Trapped Gray Squirrel on side of roof

Squirrel Removal From The Attic – Fire Hazards & More

Squirrels can infest the attic of a home from chewing holes in feca boards & dormer areas on the outside. Once inside the attic, squirrels can cause of a lot of damage by burrowing insulation, dragging in nesting material from outside, and chewing electrical wires which is a fire hazard. In the past, entire neighborhoods have burnt to the ground because of squirrels chewing on electrical cords.

The reason this happens so often in the United States is because squirrels will often drag loose & dry nesting material into the attic, and when the squirrel chews on cords it causes an electrical “short” and sparks go flying, right on top of insulation and the dry nesting material. With all of these concerns many people are willing to pay an animal removal company to solve the problem with the quickest and most effective methods of squirrel removal.

There are many methods used for squirrel removal, and the best one to use will depend on the job (how many holes, species of squirrel, ect.) Wildlife removal is not an easy job, and squirrel removal jobs are no exception, and actually one of the more difficult problems to handle because areas of the roof can sometimes be difficult to access due to where nuisance squirrels typically choose to access. All wildlife removal companies on this website are licensed & insured in case of an accident during squirrel removal.

Squirrel Control Methods – One Way Doors, Tube Traps, Open Cage Trapping

As mentioned above, one of the best methods of squirrel removal is by locating the main entry / exit area and putting a one-way door trap over that area. Another common method used by professionals is placing live cage traps in the gutter areas. My personal favorite are the lethal tube traps that can be screwed onto the roof close to the entry point. First a one-way nose cone will be installed over the hole to exclude the squirrels out, and then putting tube traps or a cage trap right up close to the hole.

This will likely capture the squirrels because they will scurry like a wild pack of wolves around that area in attempts to get back inside. While they are in this area going nuts, they will be more likely to work the tube traps placed in that general area. And bang, squirrel removal 101.

Open cage trapping can also be used. Cage traps would go closest to the entry hole and baited with peanut butter mixed with sunflower seeds, corn, bird feed, other types of nuts, and molasses. This mixture of bait is highly attractive to squirrels, and they will not be able to resist entering the traps to feast on the delicious bait placed in front of them. However, some squirrels are smart and will shy away from the known “cage trap” due to being caught before, or possibly because the squirrel is pregnant. Pregnant squirrels are very cautious for reasons unknown.

Cost Of Squirrel Control Jobs

Nuisance wildlife removal companies often have set prices for squirrel removal work. Others may send out a technician before giving a price, because they want to get a better understanding of what all needs to be done on the squirrel removal job. Trapping fees can range from $150.00 – $300.00 for set up costs, and between $50-$100 per squirrel captured. Removing the squirrels is usually not what the homeowner ends up spending money on because repair costs are commonly much higher than trapping costs because of the multitude of damage squirrels can cause to the exterior of a home.

This is why squirrel removal should not be put off for an extended period of time, the customer will only be paying more for the repairs rather than simply hiring a squirrel removal company to come get the problem taken care of once and for all. Animal proofing can be done, and this will at least keep any other nuisance animals out of the home until a contractor replaces the damaged wood. Call a squirrel removal company listed in your area.

Hazards With Squirrel Infestations

Squirrels can cause a multitude of damage when they infest a homeowners attic area. Not only inside the attic, but the outside of the building can be like a chew toy for squirrels leaving the homeowners with expensive repair costs. Squirrels typically will try and access areas of the roof such as dormers, roof lines, feca boards, and window sills. Watching the nuisance squirrels destroy the outside of your home can be very frustrating, that is why I have created this directory of wildlife control companies to service your squirrel control needs.

Nuisance squirrels may also drag loose nesting material into an attic. This is especially dangerous because the nesting material is very loose and dry, this in turn can be an easy way for a fire to start. Squirrels are especially persistent at chewing on wires in the attic. This can cause a shortage and sparks will go flying. Squirrels are the cause of 40% of attic fires throughout the US, and have destroyed entire neighborhoods in the past.

People do not realize how important the wildlife control operators job really is. We can potentially save lives by doing what we are best at – wildlife removal. Although most people are just concerned about their homes- and rightly so considering the damage squirrels can cause.

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