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Wildlife Removal Services In Tennessee – General Info

Wildlife removal is a common service Tennessee homeowners need to rid nuisance wildlife off their properties including bats, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, birds, and other nuisance wildlife control species in the state of Tennessee. Wildlife removal service is not easy work, and it can take years of training, knowledge, and experience to provide quality animal control / removal services. Call a Tennessee wildlife removal service today to solve all problems associated with nuisance wildlife animals. Trapping & removal of problem wildlife animals is one thing, but providing a permanent solution is what you are really looking for, and also something the companies listed on this website can provide. Tennessee animal removal businesses can service residential & commercial buildings for services of raccoon removal, bat removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal, and other various wildlife animal issues. The wildlife removal specialist should do a thorough inspection of the attic space & exterior of the building when raccoons, bats, birds, or squirrels have infested the attic. Attic decontamination / clean up should be done if wildlife fecal matter is present in the attic.



Tennessee Bat Removal & Control Services

Bat control is a specialty within the wildlife removal industry. Bats have the ability to locate entry spaces on a structure by using their sonar hearing in order to listen for drafts coming out of construction gaps. Bat removal is done by first locating the bat entry spaces on a building and installing one-way exclusion devices to allow the bats to leave unharmed, and when they return they will be unable to re-enter due to the bat exclusion devices. To perform a bat exclusion correctly all other construction gaps need to be sealed up so the nuisance bats cannot find another way to infest the attic / structure. Ask the wildlife removal specialist about their warranty services for bat removal jobs. The cost to remove nuisance wildlife bats from your Tennessee home will depend on the size of your house, how many areas need sealant work done, and lastly the size of the offending bat colony infesting the attic space. Attic remediation / clean up of the attic should be done if there are large amounts of bat guano shed throughout the attic.

Tennessee Wildlife Removal page:  Photo of a bat

Tennessee Raccoon Removal & Control Services

Raccoons infest structures by climbing on the roof and tearing open dormer areas, soffits, attic vents, and other parts of a home. Once they gain access to these areas they can usually make it to the attic space. Wildlife removal specialists deal with nuisance raccoon problems by setting wildlife control traps in the best areas in order to capture the offending raccoons. Raccoon removal is not an easy process, sometimes problems can occur when cage shy raccoons are infesting the attic. Other traps / methods can be used when raccoons will not go into a live cage trap. If there has been a long term infestation of nuisance raccoons in the attic the wildlife control technician should inspect the home for large amounts of raccoon fecal matter and excessive raccoon damage. Attic remediation is a service Tennessee wildlife removal companies can provide.

Tennessee Wildlife Removal page:  Photo of a raccoon

Tennessee Squirrel Removal & Control Services

Squirrels will chew holes in order to enter a home by chewing around soffits, dormers, vents, and various other areas. Wildlife control companies will inspect the building and come up with a solution to the nuisance squirrel problem. Squirrel removal is a job only a pro could handle. Traps will be set in the most commonly used areas the nuisance squirrels use to travel back and forth. On some occasions the wildlife removal specialist can set a one-way excluding door trap over the squirrels main entry / exit hole. This works by capturing the nuisance wildlife squirrels as they are exiting the structure and are forced into the excluder trap. Squirrel control is not an easy process, and is not for amateurs. Email Luke to find a local squirrel removal expert.

Tennessee Wildlife Removal page:  Photo of a caged gray squirrel

Tennessee Bird Removal & Control Services

Bird removal is done by locating the birds main entry / exit areas and then placing exclusion netting over those spots to allow the birds to leave the structure unharmed, and when they return they will be unable to regain access to the building due to the bird exclusion devices. The wildlife removal technician should come back and seal up the bird entrances once the birds have been successfully excluded from the site. It is important to cause no harm to nuisance birds because sometimes there may be protected species of birds present when the exclusion is done. The wildlife removal specialist should then take a good look in the attic to see if there is anything the birds left behind that may need cleaned up such as nesting material, bird droppings, and damaged insulation.


Tennessee Wildlife Removal page: Photo of large bird nests in an attic

Tennessee Skunk Removal & Control Services

Skunk removal is a process in which a nuisance wildlife control specialist would place traps in the most frequently used travel routes by the nuisance skunks on a property. Skunk control is a common service Tennessee homeowners need to rid these nuisance wildlife creatures off their residential properties. Skunks can also become a hazard at living establishments such as apartment buildings / landlord properties. Skunks commonly seek harborage underneath decks, sheds, patios, and other outbuildings. When this is the case you should ask your Tennessee wildlife removal professional if these areas can be excluded so there is no risk of future skunk problems on the property.

Tennessee Wildlife Removal page:  Photo of a caged skunk

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