Hello, my name is Luke and I have created this website to better serve people who are seeking to hire a professional animal removal company. I know just about every wildlife operator in the country, and can recommend local businesses that can get any job done including animal trapping services, attic restoration / attic cleanup, wildlife droppings removal, animal proofing, & other miscellaneous services. If you cannot find a company in my directory, email me and I will personally recommend one in your area. I guarantee quality operators for all my referrals who are also state licensed & insured.

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Personal Bio - About Me & My Experience In The Wildlife Control Industry

For many years I have owned my own wildlife company in Columbus, OH. I have so many stories it would be impossible to tell them all on this website. Keeping nuisance animals out of a home became easy for me, but it took a long time to master those skills. I got into the business by training with my father growing up, which he also owns a company out of Maine. I realized the potential in a business that not many people mastered in, and there were just so many people with pest problems. With years of being involved in the wildlife control field I have seen the industry grow, as well as my own business. When I first started my business in Columbus; the capital of Ohio, I found myself overloaded with work. This surprised me because I had 8-10 competing businesses, 5 of them being large national chains. I guess there were so many wildlife problems that it didn't matter how many companies were competing. I would not of succeeded if it were not for the people who have helped me along the way, including my wonderful family.

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Wildlife Removal Services In The United States

On this wildlife removal website I provide detailed information on each particular species and common control tactics nuisance wildlife control companies frequently use. However, the information I write is strictly based on my personal experience. Every nuisance wildlife company has their own way of dealing with different issues. I try to cover general information on this website that is relevant to the animal control industry. I also write about specific control tactics I commonly use in my business. This does not mean every company will use the same control methods I use, however each company I recommend goes through a screening process for quality expectations. I also make sure they have all the proper licensing needed to operate their businesses. Contact me today or browse my national directory here to find a local wildlife control operator.

Info On Nuisance Species Of Animals & Common Control Methods


Bat Removal

Bat removal is a detail oriented process and must be done by a professional wildlife control technician. The first signs of a bat infestation in the attic is usually finding the bats in the living quarters of a home. When weather patterns change it can force the bats to seek a warmer / cooler place and that in turn drives them down from the attic area and into the house. During the initial bat inspection the company should look in the attic area for signs of bat waste / guano. Once that is completed the bat removal company should also do a thorough inspection of the exterior of the home. The estimated cost for performing a bat exclusion will depend on how many areas need to be sealed on the outside, where the main entry / exit points are & how many, and how difficult these spots are to access. Ladders are the most common tool wildlife control technicians use in order go around the house and do the bat exclusion.

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Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are one of the smarter and more difficult pests to deal with. Although more skill is required to perform a successful bat exclusion, raccoons pose a different kind of problem. When raccoons first invade the attic area of a home, they are very good at gaining access to different parts of the roof. Commonly they will break through soffit / dormer areas to enter a home. I've seen all sorts of entry points though, ones where you would be amazed that the raccoons were even able to access.

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Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are a very destructive wildlife pest. If they are excluded from one area, they will commonly begin to damage another in order to gain access to the attic once again. Squirrels can be relentless at times and it is a must to call a wildlife removal specialist in order to solve the squirrel problem. There are many different species of squirrels including red squirrels, grey squirrels, and flying squirrels. Sometimes wildlife control methods can change depending on the species of nuisance squirrel. For instance, box traps are a common trap for wildlife removal technicians to use when dealing with a squirrel infestation.

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Bird Removal

Birds commonly infest the attic area of residential properties. They usually can gain access through construction gaps, open vents, and dryer vents. Control and removal of nuisance birds is a job for the wildlife professionals. When birds are accessing a particular area, exclusion devices will be put in place so that the birds can fly out of the structure unharmed. Sparrows and pigeons are some of the more common nuisance birds. Great caution must be taken when inspecting the attic areas of a home for a bird infestation.

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Skunk Removal

Skunk removal can be a stinky business, if you know what I mean. People hate having skunks on their property simply because skunks pose too many issues due to their ability to produce horrible odors. Pets getting sprayed by skunks is a typical problem, usually dogs. If you are having skunk problems, make sure to put any outdoor cat food in a safe place. Skunks love to steal cat food, which actually makes it a decent bait to use in a trap. Preventing skunks from digging under a porch or deck can be done by means of a process known as trenching; which involves putting wire around your deck after you dig a trench around the edges.

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Rodent Removal


Rodenticide bait stations are frequently used in the wildlife control industry to serve residential homeowners with mouse / rodent control services. Mice and other species of nuisance rodents can find their way into the attic space by climbing siding of a home, corners, power lines, overhanging trees, and other places in order to get onto the roof. From there the rodents have no problem finding gaps that lead into the attic. Construction gaps rodents can access are commonly located around dormer areas, drip edge's, attic vents, ridge vents, gable ends, and other common areas. Rodent exclusion is necessary to prevent future rodent infestations.