We at Hogarth's Pest Control are licensed in the state of Michigan with the title of Certified Pesticide Applicators - and also for Commercial Nuisance Wildlife Control. Our services are the best when it comes to pest control and wildlife removal. Experience is key in successfully managing human & pest conflicts, and our customers can rest assured we have a lot of it.

Utilizing the knowledge we obtain of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) our experts can identify exactly what is causing your pest problem, and then our professionals can offer treatment / trapping programs to eradicate the target pests.

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Wildlife Services We Provide

Hogarth's Pest Control can provide wildlife control services of raccoon trapping, bat exclusion, squirrel trapping, skunk capture & deodorization, bird abatement, rodent baiting (poison), mole trapping / baiting, dead animal removal & sanitation, animal damage repair, humane wildlife exclusion, and attic clean up / attic restoration services when nuisance pests make a mess of an attic.

  Traverse City Raccoon Removal 

About Our Wildlife Removal Services | Traverse City, Central Lake, & Elk Rapids

Wildlife animals are very damaging creatures. They will invade homeowners attics, crawl spaces, and soffit areas, and can cause a variety of damages and health concerns. Damages are frequently severe with wildlife infestation. The species of animal does play a major factor in the type of damage, and how much is caused in a short period of time. For example, raccoons can rip apart your home and attic, potentially causing thousands of dollars worth of damage inside the period of a week. Other animals such as mice do not cause that much damage in a week, however over extended periods of time they will chew wiring and spread their droppings and eventually destroy the attic. That being said it should be obvious to any homeowner that no level of wildlife infestation should be allowed to persist.

Raccoon removal in a highly requested service call we receive from homeowners living around Traverse City, Central Lake, & Elk Rapids MI. Raccoon issues will not disappear or go away by themselves, so call us today!

About Wildlife Droppings Cleanup & Safety Concerns

Another concern of wildlife infestation for homeowners is the droppings animals will leave behind in their attic. We often get inquiries for wildlife waste cleanup from concerned families who are worried someone is going to get sick from the droppings existing in their attic. Although sickness is possible, these situations are few and far between.

We urge you not to panic. That being said, the biggest mistake homeowners can make is inspecting their attic without wearing the proper safety equipment. Humans can potentially contract a number of diseases from wildlife droppings, so extreme caution should be taken when in close proximity to the waste. Call Hogarth's Pest Control today for wildlife droppings cleanup in Michigan.